OpinionHUB is an insight exchange platform linking buyers, suppliers and resellers of online sample.

All Cint solutions connect via this revolutionary marketplace.

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OpinionHUB in numbers

  • 15 million panelists in 60 countries
  • 1500 panels owned by trusted brands and businesses
  • The industry’s highest response rates
  • 20,000 new members every day
  • 1000 new projects created monthly
  • 35,000 completed interviews per day
  • 100+ API-connected buyers and suppliers to our platform


Experience a new level of control and efficiency by using all that OpinionHUB has to offer.

  • Get the best of both worlds by plugging into Access and Engage
  • Have complete control over the online sampling process
  • Create multiple target groups, run feasibility and get instant costs overview
  • Experience time savings up to 80% on each project!
  • Retain the freedom of local buying while still within rules set by your company’s procurement protocols
  • Build, manage and monetize your own panels
  • Set rules to balance the use of your internal supply and external sample

Connect to the platform via API

Connect your own software to the Cint platform using our API or plug-in solutions.

Increase the reach and performance of your survey tool and offer value added services to your clients by building on top of our platform.

Connect as a Survey Tool so that you and your clients will be enjoying all the benefits of having seamless access to Cint’s global network of qualified panelists.

Or connect as a panel supplier and start earning money by allowing others to conduct market research studies on your panelists.



Cint Access is a self-service targeting solution for sample buyers and researchers.

Buyers can reach 15 million verified, double opt-in panelists in 60 countries by logging in or by connecting via published API.


Cint Access Pro is a complete sample supply management solution allowing deeper access into the OpinionHUB platform.

Users get full control over their projects, covering: targeting, feasibility, pricing, sample source, sample size, scheduling, routing and project closing.


Cint Link is a partner-focused plug-in solution giving survey tools and market-research software providers the ability to connect directly to the OpinionHUB platform. These resellers give access to millions of highly profiled, double opt-in panelists by integrating Cint Link.


Cint Engage is a one-of-a-kind audience management and measurement solution.

Suppliers gain revenue as well as deeper insights into audience behavior by simply logging into Cint Engage directly or via API.