Update from Cint on the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak

26 May 2020

To all our customers and partners...

Hello everybody,

We hope you all are still keeping safe, and most importantly keeping well!

As you know, concerns surrounding COVID-19 are still ongoing. We at Cint have been monitoring the Cint Platform’s buyer and respondent behaviour over the past few weeks and wanted to disclose our latest findings. We are sharing this data to provide a greater understanding of the impact of the pandemic for decision-makers on both sides of the market research “transaction.”

Overall, we see little evidence so far of any negative impact on Supply or Demand through Q1 in all countries. However, in the UK and Germany, a slight downward trend is emerging.

Below are the top-line results through 30 of March 2020:

  • FR/US/JP: No apparent impact so far on any measures.
  • ES/IT: Email respondents have declined somewhat, but programmatic entries have risen. Overall, no impact on completes. No impact on other measures.
  • UK: Could be trending lower. Entries and respondents are showing a slight drop. Completes were down slightly, but this could be levelling off. Completes per offer and invites sent are trending down slightly.
  • DE: Respondents, completes, and projects are starting to drift downward.
  • AU: Increase in a number of projects, though a bit of a decrease in completes per project. All other metrics stable.
  • KR/CN: No apparent negative impact, which is interesting because these countries are on the downside of the contagion curve.
  • IN: No apparent effects. While the response rate is declining, both the number of invites and respondents are growing. The former is growing faster than the latter.

For more details on this and to download charts for individual countries, please read our Research Note #2 by Cint’s COO, JD Deitch in our Cint Blog.

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#AskCint: Your Most Pressing Market Research Questions answered by an Expert

As we have informed before since the 16th March 2020, all Cint employees are practising a strict “work-from-home” policy until further notice.

However, you will be happy to hear that the flexibility and innovation for which Cint is known extends to the way our employees work. We are confident we can keep your projects running smoothly with no interruptions. At Cint, business will continue as usual.

Our team is following recommendations from the World Health Organization and other regulatory bodies around the world to keep all our customers, partners and employees safe.

Although the current situation has put some strain around travel, in a digitally connected world, we are agile in how we work. We encourage you to engage with our teams via digital and telecommunications channels such as Zoom, Slack, instant messaging and over the phone as much as possible.

We are closely monitoring your orders and sampling activities within our platform along with the behaviour of our 100+ million available respondent base. We are now keeping a closer eye on respondent participation and incidence levels to monitor activity. In addition, we are encouraging customers to run incidence tests and soft launches before full deployments.

So far, we have not seen any changes in respondent behaviour, and you can continue to count on us for all your consumer insights projects. As always, we are here to help support your important business decisions with high-quality data. Nothing has changed.

Thank you for your continued business and support in return. We hope that the current global situation will return to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.

However, should the situation worsen, please know that all of us at Cint are fully prepared for the long haul in terms of risk mitigation plans and ability to maintain our high-quality standards of data integrity and project delivery.

We will be regularly updating this page with our latest developments, so be sure to bookmark www.cint.com/covid19

If you have further specific concerns or general questions, please reach out to your Cint representative or me directly

Thank you,

Richard Thornton
Chief Commercial Officer