Access Pro by Cint™

Take your project to the next level by combining open, private and proprietary panel exchanges to achieve complex and sophisticated sample configurations.


All Access features
Multi-sample sources
Total fieldwork management

Need to be in full control on your all our market research projects?

With Access Pro by Cint, you can command multiple projects easily through one interface yourself.

Everything in Access
Over 100 million panellists across more than 150 countries, precise targeting, instant cost and feasibility decision making; all without having to manage hundreds of spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and suppliers.

Integrate proprietary panels
Connect your proprietary panels to the Cint Platform and engage using the same workflow and standards as sample from the open exchange

Create or add a private exchange
Integrate any of your third-party private panel suppliers, maintaining control on pricing and usage.

Plug in other suppliers
Add third-party suppliers on an ad-hoc, project-by-project basis.

Optimise on-the-fly
Access Pro’s Optimiser is built on our proprietary routing technology: improve respondent conversion-to-survey opportunities and reduce time to complete.

Streamline multiple projects
Stay in control of your fieldwork process from end-to-end across multiple projects simultaneously.

API integration
Connect your other systems via a selection of our 200+ sophisticated, easy-to-configure APIs.

  • 100+ million panelists
  • 150+ countries
  • 300+ targeting options

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