Demand API

Demand API

increase your research tool's performance

Engage API

Engage API

Integrate and benefit from being part of the Cint platform

Why join the Cint platform?

Hosting 50 million registered consumers worldwide, we maintain an online insights marketplace that enables our partnered community owners to manage, monetize and enrich their data by sharing it with us. And, thanks to our technology solutions, Cint empowers researchers, agencies and brands to access this consumer data and to survey these communities in real time.

Looking to give your research tools a boost? Interested in amplifying the way you gather consumer data? Or trying to find new ways of monetizing your panel? You are in the right place.

World's insights exchange platform by Cint

Cint API for all your problems

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) determines how different software components should interact with each other by being placed “between” them.

In our case the Cint APIs will “bridge” between your own software and our platform to facilitate data exchange and information sharing.

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