Amplify the way you gather consumer data and monetize your panels

Integrate your tools

Share data within our insights marketplace

Gather intel and monetize your panels

Panelist recruitment automation

Register opted-in panelists or collect panelist leads to initiate the double opt-in process through registration emails

Panelist data management

Add, modify and delete panelist records, retrieve and update panelist profile information, manage panelist usage with our quarantine settings

Panelist incentive management

Customize payouts and manage panelist rewards, access incentive transaction history and receive notifications when incentive transactions happen in the Cint platform

Panelist activity reconciliation

Monitor panelist activity including survey starts with resulting outcomes as recorded by the Cint platform

Survey invitation relaying

Choose to have your panelist survey invitation notifications sent directly to you and manage them in your own system

How does the Cint Engage API integration work?

The Cint APIs provide a simple programming interface for any panel or community owner to manage their panel from within the Cint platform or to be part of the platform while maintaining control from your own panel management tool.

Via the APIs you will have a high degree of flexibility in creating customized panel integrations. Restful HTTP calls in XML or JSON format are used to exchange data in near real-time, keeping panelist and activity data up-to-date.

Depending on how you want to join our platform you can choose between two options

Engage-API-option-1Host your panel/s on the Cint platform and access the following functionalities:

Integrated panel recruitment

Integrate panel recruitment into your traffic flow. Let panelists join from anywhere by simply populating an opt-in email address through the API. Our system will receive and validate the email address before collecting further data points through the Cint Panelist Portal. Recruitment will still happen through our panelist portal on the back-end, but the panelist will not see this. They will just see the registration part on the panel owner’s site, survey, newsletter, signup, etc.

Customizable user experience

It is possible to access every single function in Cint Panelist Portal through the Cint Engage Panel API. Tailor the user experience and integrate to your UI seamlessly by programming to the functions in Cint Engage Panel API.

Integrated survey invitations

Post survey invitations through your APP, in-mail, member profile or your own email delivery by connecting to the survey invitation feed in the Cint Engage Panel API. Have full control over survey delivery and publish the invitation wherever you would like when a survey is available.

Engage-API-option-2Host your panel/s on your preferred solution and access the following functionalities:

Mirror your panel

If you host your panel on a proprietary or 3rd-party solution, you can mirror your panel and all of its data points to OpinionHUB to further monetize your panel.

  • Register new panelists
  • Mirror and update data points
  • Opt out panelists
  • Reconciliation of survey activity and incentives
  • Real-time connectivity and reporting

Push supply

Get full access to the Cint insights exchange survey inventory and take control of which surveys you offer your panelists to be able to maximize profitability and optimize panelist experience.

With Push Supply you can both deliver standard invitations on our invite only projects but also offer more survey opportunities in your panelist portal, allowing your members to select an available survey as soon as they log in instead of waiting for a survey invitation. The control is yours on how to improve your panelists panel experience.

Questions about Cint APIs?

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