Cint’s platform helps Villa Maria Winery find the perfect name for its new organic wines

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The organic wine market is on the rise around the world, gaining market share and growing by 257% over the last ten years. When New Zealand’s Villa Maria Winery decided to release its own line of sustainable and organically grown wines, it wanted to make sure that it hit just the right note with a discerning audience that is more closely examining what they consume.

By working with global strategic research and insights agency, Forward Insight and Strategy, Villa Maria hoped to better understand audience preferences and opportunities for growth in the organic wine market. Forward tapped into the power of Cint’s platform in order to connect with the right consumers around the world in order to further investigate, and specifically identify the best naming strategy to take to market for the new line.

Using Access Pro by Cint Forward accessed Cint’s Insight Exchange, spanning 155 million consumers in 130 countries. Because of the depth and breadth of this highly profiled respondent pool, the agency was able to target the winery’s four key markets for feedback and, ultimately, help Villa Maria make a data-informed decision on the optimal name for its new line of sustainably grown, organic wines.

Specifically, Access Pro provided a single, easy-to-use interface that allowed Forward to carry out Villa Maria’s research quickly and efficiently by managing all the project’s moving pieces in one place – from sample sourcing all the way to invoicing. Because of Cint’s built-in quality checks, using market-leading, AI-based fraud detection tools, Forward knew that it could rely on high quality data and insights to help Villa Maria make the best decision.

For the complete case study, visit here.

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