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When one of the world’s most recognizable technology companies was seeking a better way to quickly and cost-effectively understand its diverse global audiences, it knew it needed a streamlined way to conduct critical market research projects. Its internal researchers often struggled to find the right audiences, fill respondent quotas, comply with stringent privacy regulations and more. In addition, even the administrative portions of their projects, like reconciling project costs, were wrought with clunky and time-consuming processes.  

This didn’t work in the company’s fast-paced environment, so it turned to Cint to help transform its internal insights strategy. An internal tool built by the company’s in-house team of engineers and user interface (UI) experts was coupled with the Cint platform’s Insight Exchange, the world’s largest consumer network for digital survey-based research, using Cint’s market-leading Buyer API 

This complete technology solution helped the company’s researchers breathe a sigh of relief. With the Cint integration, they can instantly access research participants, launch projects in seconds and easily manage costs. Because of the size of Cint’s respondent base, they are now able to fill quotas quickly for niche audiences around the world – all in a completely consent-based environment that is compliant with any local, regional or national privacy regulations and requirements. Data collection and fieldwork is automated, creating a fast, hassle-free ecosystem for research.  

So far, the team has launched more than 600+ surveys among 147 internal researchers, tapping into nearly a quarter million respondents from 23 countries through the Cint platform. They say that working with this integration has been a “game-changer” as they can get data back within 24 hours, can easily stick to defined project budgets, and are experiencing tremendous efficiencies with every project from start to finish.

The engineering team said, “Our tool plus Cint was truly a perfect product for helping researchers do remote research from home. We got overwhelming positive responses from researchers across the company, calling it ‘invaluable’ and ‘fast and easy’ and ‘truly pushes our research practice within our company forward.’”

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