2015 was a pivotal year for data-driven marketing with a rise in mobile and cross-device targeting of consumers. And 2016 has continued this trend, further advancing into the digital age as programmatic advertising gathers pace.

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Audience engagement

What has really come to the foreground this year is audience-engagement measurement and more sophisticated metrics for ROI. Spend on digital advertising may be rising, but marketers are looking for even better ways to maximize their budgets and results. An outcome of this is a bigger recognition of Adtech and Martech solutions, and the important role these marketing technologies will play now and in the future.

In fact, a recent survey showed that the recognition, adoption, and planned take-up of these technologies is rising significantly. 72 percent of marketers surveyed believe that being data literate is key in today’s digital world. Furthermore, almost half of those surveyed plan to invest heavily in marketing technology over the next 12 months. It certainly looks as though 2017 will see a huge rise in the numbers using Martech and Adtech as standard, especially as marketing roles become increasingly digital.

Consumer driven

Of course, this is all being driven by the consumer. In a world where consumers are connected more than ever, analyzing their behavior across devices and channels will be integral to maximizing ad spend. While the survey highlights that management of multiple platforms and vendors is one of the challenges faced by marketers today, it is certainly evident that having a marketing stack will be fundamental in the quest to gather and analyze data; generating insights that will help create the all-important personalized approach that consumers now demand.

This is all good news for technology companies which have risen to the challenge and flooded the market with a variety of solutions to help marketers in their mission. For instance, a key tool in ad-effectiveness measurement is the emergence of real-time measurement tools for online ads. With the ability to measure who has seen an ad, accompanied by detailed profile information, it gives an instant result as to whether that ad has provided its ROI. Add in the ability to follow up with a survey, as Cint’s real time ad tracking solution Connect does, and immediately the ‘why’ behind behavior can be discovered – opening up a whole new element in effectiveness measurement.


This will be an evolving landscape which will continue to move at pace and present a variety of challenges to marketers, both in terms of choosing the right tools and managing them to an optimum level. It doesn’t detract, however, from the fact that it is certainly an exciting time to be working in digital marketing.

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