A friend of mine and I were walking down the icy streets of Stockholm quite late one night when he said, “God, a beer would be nice!”

He sighed and continued, “Too bad the places around here are closed this time of the night.”

“Well, you know,” I replied. “There is a bar not too far from here that I actually have the keys to. We could go there?”

“You’re kidding me! You have keys to a bar you don’t own?”

“Yep. It’s great bar with all kinds of beers on tap and on bottle, imported and local stuff. More types of beer than you’ve ever seen!”

“But hold on, can you go to this bar any time of the night and pour yourself a beer without anyone being there to serve you?!”

“Sure,” I replied. “I can go there in the middle of the night when no one is around, or I could go there when the bar is open and ask someone to serve me. That costs a bit extra, so I usually serve myself.”

“The bartenders aren’t offended that you jump behind the counter and serve yourself?”

“Of course not. They’re just happy I get my beer quicker and just the way I want it instead of me having to ask them. And sometimes there is a queue. I can’t stand queues as you know.”

A nod of acknowledgement from my friend encouraged me to continue, “Sometimes, I even bring clients to the bar and serve them beer, too. They’re quite amazed when I get behind the counter and get them a beer right away. I’ve won a lot of business that way!”

My friend stopped mid-step and said, “Go back to the beer again. What beer do they have? Not the bad stuff I hope?”

“No, not at all. Most of it comes from high-quality local breweries – from brands you’ll recognize. I even have my own small brewery that you might know of.”

“Wait. What?”

“Yep. I make my own beer and sell it in the bar. I mean I don’t sell my own beer myself all the time. Most of the times my beer is actually sold by the bartenders to customers of the bar and I get part of the money.”

“So…what happens if you go to the bar and drink your own beer?”

“The bar doesn’t charge for that of course. That’s my beer.” I motioned for my friend to keep walking as I continued, “But the best part is this: I have actually piped the beer taps into my own house. I am not kidding you!”

“I have two lager taps in my living room, three different ales in my kitchen – I like ales with food – and three lagers next to my TV sofa. I like lager when I watch Sweden beat England or any other mediocre football team.”

My friend, now incredulous, spoke a bit too loud as he said, “This is just too much!”

His voice turned to shouting, “What kind of place is this?”

I smiled as realization dawned on my friend’s face.

”Hold on,” he said. “We’re getting awfully close to your place. This bar doesn’t actually exist, does it?!”

“Well, no not really,” I said with a laugh. “But if you replace the ‘beer’ with ‘sample’ I know a place that can serve you like this. The bar is called Cint.”

“Ah, what a joke! All I wanted was a beer and you really made me thirsty after all this talking!”

We arrived at my house as a I said, “Relax, I do have some really nice lagers in the fridge.”

“That’s a little bit better. Yeah, let’s go inside. But hold on,“ my friend continued. “I get the part where you have the keys to the bar, meaning that you can log in anytime, and that you run a panel that Cint sells for you, but what about the taps in your home?”

“Dude, wake up! APIs, man, APIs.”

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