Just because you don’t have it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Anyone can get breast cancer

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In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, The “Cintastics” are raising money for the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) through its “Tour de Pink” race. This international nonprofit organisation addresses the unique needs and improves quality of life for young adults under age 40 who have been affected by breast cancer. Did you know that there are more than 250,000 survivors who were diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40 living in the U.S. alone?

Many people have the misconception that breast cancer only affects women, but in fact 2,000 men are diagnosed each year. One of the best ways to catch this type of cancer early is to do a self-exam and check yourself for symptoms. While the most common sign is a lump or swelling, there are other things to check for regularly.

To help fight this disease, Cint has made the exciting decision to participate as a team in the Virtual Tour de Pink this year to raise funds to support the YSC mission.

Better yet? Any funds raised by the team members before the end of October will be matched by Cint. Double the fun(ds)!

Like many nonprofit fundraising events, the Tour de Pink has gone virtual in light of ongoing risks posed by COVID-19. This year’s Virtual Tour de Pink is a way for the YSC community to raise funds to support those young adults who have experienced cancer and many of the Cintastics are also using the race to set their own fitness goals and connect with others who are participating in the race. Because it is being held online, the format has changed a bit from past years and simply asks participants to set a personal health goal and aim to achieve it.

Throughout the year, Cint supports specific causes and charities that help us deliver on our values of accountability, collaboration and innovation. Over the past few months, we have launched initiatives to support diversity and inclusion as part of honouring International Women’s Day in March, as well as celebrate Pride Month in June. One of our key goals is to accelerate well-being, creating an environment where not only can our employees thrive but also support others and make a positive impact on society.

While each team member on The Cintastics has chosen to participate for their own reasons, the goal is the same: help those affected by cancer. We know that the money raised will help cancer patients and their caregivers, providing important educational resources and programming, local and online support networks. It’s so important that no young adult faces breast cancer alone.

Please help us help those affected by cancer. It’s easy to donate, and your gift will be doubled through the end of October!

Visit our team donation page here

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