With one third of our daily video consumption coming from streaming what does the future look like for the TV as we know it?

In a recent interview, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) said: “TV is one of those things that is stuck back in the 70s. Think about how much your life has changed and all the things around you that have changed, and yet […] when you are in your living room to watch the TV […] it almost feels like you’re rewinding the clock, you’ve entered a time capsule and you’re going backwards, the interface is terrible […] and you watch things when they come on, unless you remembered to record them.”

Despite this TV has managed to stick in our living rooms basically unchanged for a long time. Why is that? Are we close to a break with tradition?

Technological advancement waits for no one and this isn’t news. We’ve seen it over and over again. During the past decade, it was the music industry caught in the crosshair of progress with Napster & co. starting a radical shift in how consumers access music. Some players adapted and some stayed true to their models; an approach that rarely pays off.

Fascinated by this transition we decided to ask people in six different countries; USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany, to find out if and what drives consumers to this new media. Who has done the shift, who hasn’t and even whether traditional TV will be a part at all in our future.

The results are presented here in our infographic – find out whether traditional TV is set to be left behind…


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