Infographic: UK Smartphone Habits

By 11 March, 2014Blog

The flip side of loving your smart device

Almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet today, with many of us feeling like we’ve lost a limb if we can’t access one for any length of time! So, we thought it might be interesting to look into how it influences our social behavior and daily life – and it’s certainly thrown up some interesting results.

We expected that it might reveal we all spend far too much time playing on our devices, but playing whilst working or even driving, as well as admissions of having a relationship affected by it or using it to placate children, means we are probably all much more attached to and affected by our smart devices than we ever realised. Despite this, many of us feel more stressed as a result of owning one, with more than half those surveyed now opting to switch off now and again to get some peace.

See below for the full results – you may be quite surprised.

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