By Stephen Hughes

Football fever may be wavering in some countries – especially for those whose teams have already bowed out – but for others, the dream of their home nation holding that famous cup aloft is still very much alive. Thanks to the games and some of the outstanding goals of this year’s tournament, the world’s interest and imagination has truly been captured.

Recently, Cint has also been able to capture the interest and imagination of many, more specifically at those looking to stay ahead of emerging survey technology,after our recent visits to Marketing Week Live (MWL) at Olympia and FIPP Innovation Forum at Microsoft, London.

Whilst the shows were at different ends of the spectrum in terms of size, attendees and layout, exhibiting at both events provided us with the ideal platform to educate attendees. MWL is a huge show which incorporates all aspects of the marketing mix, including Market Research of course. The ‘Understanding’ section of the event is predominantly an industry exhibition attended by hundreds of people in the sector and one where the Cint brand and staff are well known.


FIPP Innovation Forum is a much smaller event and attended almost exclusively by senior magazine publishers. This is an arena where Cint as a brand is not as widely recognised. However, we were able to educate industry players here on how to overcome a number of common frustrations, namely gaining readers’ input on digital content in an efficient manner and also monetising that content – something that is very prevalent to publishers as it is of particular interest to them as declining print ad revenues and trepidation of adopting the wrong digital strategy are common themes in publisher conferences. Audiences were also pleased to learn more about our solutions to overcome such problems through our Engage, Link and Access programmes.

Staying abreast of the latest integrated consumer access technology by contributing to speaker opportunities is something we find incredibly useful at such shows, and this year was no different. Our Engage sales manager Walter Schrotta gave a presentation outlining the areas where the Cint proposition can assist publishers.

So even though England’s World Cup dream is well and truly over for another four years, we’re confident that we can continue scoring some impressive goals of our own to further improve and leverage targeted audience opinions for our customers and partners.

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