By: Richard Thornton

As we near the end of Q1 with a clear set of goals paving the way for 2014, we’re feeling pleased about our progress on some of the key deliverables for this year.

In particular, some exciting developments have helped us towards our targets, and indeed our commitment, to adding new panels to our ever-growing OpinionHUB marketplace. Some strategic partnerships, as well as continued development and investment in our technology and solution, have taken place; fulfilling our goals not only on ensuring that OpinionHUB continues to be largest and most transparent and open source of sample in the market research industry, but also our plans to integrate with further partners via our demand and supply-side APIs – which in turn aids the addition of panels and is driving liquidity in the marketplace, providing our buying clients with greater breadth and depth for their targets groups to gather insights.

One such partnership this year was with panel management company Marsc, enabling the business to provide a way for its clients to monetise their online panels by making them available through our OpinionHUB platform – and allowing us to grow the marketplace further. Another collaboration in the pipeline will benefit from this, providing a unique technology-led partnership brought together on one platform. Watch this space!

We are also growing the marketplace through our continued relationship building with publishers, which often have a wealth of panel inventory to be tapped into or might be looking to establish a panel of their own audience and need an appropriate platform on which it can be hosted. Dennis Publishing used our platform to build its Auto Express panel which comprises more than 9,000 UK car owners which continues to grow at a rapid pace. Not only can Dennis execute the gathering of market insights with easy-to-use market research software, but they can also monetise this panel, allowing marketers in the automotive fields to overcome challenges when looking to gain regular insights from their target audiences, connecting with them directly or through surveys. Additional revenue is gained for Dennis Publishing and their panel is incentivised with a thank you payment.

As the market continues to move forward in the direction we anticipated, with a focus on supply chain efficiency, technology to optimise data collection, and self-service platforms, we believe we are well placed to take advantage of these trends and play a pivotal role in helping drive change and steer and educate our clients and the industry as one of the front runners offering solutions that deliver around these developments.

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