Targeted consumer research can be one of the most direct ways of accessing fresh thinking to drive success, but it needs to be conducted in a manner that encourages greater levels of engagement and participants.

Through advanced software solutions, brands are now able to deploy online surveys in seconds, gather results in hours, and form their own research panels made up of loyal brand enthusiasts. These communities can then act as an easily and instantly accessible forum for the generation of new ideas.

However, the approach researchers take should be innovative as well in order to foster originality. Engaging consumers in a dynamic way appeals to the competitive aspect of human nature by presenting a survey in a way that tests or challenges consumers’ knowledge. This approach can be further facilitated by advances in technology, which have led to a diverse array of online market research tools, especially do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions. Furthermore, the rise of mobile research offers marketers even more options for being creative while accessing insights from consumers when they are on the go. Results can then feed into new ideas about product positioning or demographic targeting, pinpoint previously unknown issues or benefits, and drive imaginative marketing ideas.

Bo Mattsson, our CEO, comments: “While gamification has become quite a buzzword in the research world, it doesn’t need to apply solely to creating a game-like environment for conducting campaigns or studies. Rather, it can simply mean that surveys are crafted in more compelling and engaging ways by carefully rephrasing standard questions and using more imaginative and inspiring language.

”Additionally, tapping into collective knowledge can produce surprising results. Brands can use online market research more than just a tool for informing attractive products or messaging, they can also use it to listen to their fan base and discover original ideas for future developments. For example, an open platform like Cint OpinionHUB can form the ideal hunting grounds for creative inspiration, which can easily spring from participating in the conversations taking place between panel owners and researchers as they connect to directly exchange consumer opinions.”

For an interesting look at survey crafting, check out our recent infographic!

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