Moweb research unlocks Lucid Marketplace performance with the On-Time-Supply API

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Moweb research is a full-service market research and consultancy company that offers end-to-end research services to their clients. They help clients perform research studies and analyses, including developing and running questionnaires, as well as analysing insights based on survey responses. Additionally, they operate a consumer panel and a business panel that powers their business. To strengthen their panel business, moweb research’s product and tech team wanted to simultaneously improve their conversion rate and scale the number of surveys they showed to their audience. They turned to their research technology partner for over six years, Lucid (now a Cint group company), for assistance.


Cint/Lucid released a next-generation supply API, On-Time-Supply (OTS) consisting of two flexible API endpoints built to give suppliers the ability to act on survey opportunities, qualifications & quotas information, and respondent data more quickly. When moweb research was introduced to OTS they were intrigued, but unsure whether to integrate immediately. They had already invested a lot of time and resources into their existing API integration with Lucid and were not sure if they were ready to move away from it. However, in learning about the benefits of OTS, including essential new and updated survey data like qualifications and quotas, pushed to them in minutes, persuaded moweb research to go forward. They also felt comfortable testing OTS  knowing they would receive best-in-class support from the Lucid team. 


Moweb research started seeing benefits from integrating with OTS almost immediately. The addition of qualifications and quotas unlocked efficiencies for them right from the start.; “I have to say, the integration with qualifications and quotas is brilliant!,” said CTO, Michael Dimov.

Having qualifications and quotas pushed to moweb research greatly reduced their number of API calls from six to one, “with OTS everything is served on a platter!” In addition, OTS proved to save them memory space and processing power, enabling them to scale their surveys and drive consistent monthly revenue they can count on. 


OTS has created a new level of performance, speed, and efficiency for moweb research. “With the improved update time, we benefit from an increased conversion rate of about 2-3%.” This seemingly small increase in conversion rate has had a massive impact on their overall Lucid Marketplace performance. As Dimov said, “The benefits in terms of performance are definitely worthwhile.”

Moweb research is now able to pass survey opportunities and updates to respondents in under one minute, an improvement of more than 200%. With this information pushed to them, moweb research always has the latest, most accurate information.

Michael says, “That’s the major upside from OTS. We receive push notifications for the changes as they happen.” The increased speed means that far fewer respondents are affected by out-of-date surveys, which improves both the respondent experience and moweb research’s conversion rate.

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