On Device Research sees 50% increase in quarterly programmatic revenue with API integration

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Challenge: Expanding access to survey opportunities

A mobile market research sample provider with offices in London, Dubai and Singapore, On Device Research needed a way to grow its respondent base, work more efficiently and expand into new markets.

Solution: Supply API integration

On Device partnered with Lucid (a Cint Group company) to fully integrate their mobile app within Lucid’s API. This enabled them to source Lucid’s entire inventory of surveys in real time, programmatically respond to surveys and provide qualified respondents. 

Benefits: Better respondent experience and higher quality

On Device respondents are now getting access to qualified, highly ranked surveys on Lucid’s marketplace. Respondents can maximize their incentives and optimize their time spent taking surveys, which has significantly helped the company retain and engage their app users. This improvement has also led to better data quality for On Device and their clients.

CEO and Co-Founder Alistair Hill says, “The flexibility of Lucid’s API allows us to create a much better experience for the consumer. And by providing a better experience, we improve the quality of the data for our clients.” 

Lucid acts as a partner instead of merely a technology supplier. As CTO and Co-Founder Tim Cleminson says, “Their customer success teams are pretty exceptional. They are very transparent; continuously provide data on the effectiveness of our integration and give constant guidance.  They let us know how we’re doing compared to some of our competitors, in an anonymous way.”

Another key advantage to working with Lucid is that On Device has been able to scale quickly; a key challenge for many organizations.  “Fundamentally, we can just scale the revenue independently of staff,” said Alistair. Tim added, “We can do hundreds of thousands of survey-completes, with around one operational employee working on it.”

Result: Increasing revenue and respondent traffic

It only took six months to start seeing real results. Now, On Device has been increasing revenue every quarter. 

“Our programmatic revenue growth is 50%, quarter on quarter. Which is very exciting. 

And it’s enabling significant growth for the rest of our business as well,” said Alistair. 

This trend repeats in terms of respondent numbers, which has also doubled quarterly. “Lucid has enabled us to have a much bigger user base than we would have been able to sustain on our own, because we’ve been able to populate our app with a continuous supply of surveys,” said Alistair.

With constant innovation and optimization within the integration, this increase in revenue and survey completes is still increasing. On Device has now achieved a much more enticing offering for their clients due to a much larger and much more engaged user base. 

The future for On Device, and the promise that the supply API integration brings, is very exciting for both teams. Alistair said, “Lucid is a truly trusted partner of ours. Our incentives are completely aligned, so we’re excited about growing together. As they and the programmatic and survey market grows, we’re eager to grow in line with that, if not more.”

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