PY Insights partners with Lucid to power complex global behavioural research projects

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London-based behavioral data and analytics company, PY Insights (Powr of You), powers market research for leading brands, agencies and MR firms globally by using their technology platform to gather and analyse consumers’ digital behaviour. Working with PY Insights, clients get direct access to behavioural data and insights from consenting consumers’ browser clickstreams, search activity, mobile app usage, shopping baskets, and more.

Two main concerns for PY clients are panel quality and global reach. Clients were coming to PY Insights to recruit real consumers that would provide high-quality insights that they could trust. 


PY Insights started working with Lucid, now a Cint company, to find quality respondents and knew it would be a good fit for a project with their MR client. The end client was a Fortune 500, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) company looking to understand the buyer journey for four grocery product categories in multiple markets. 

“This project was complex. After a successful pilot, the study expanded to five markets across four continents to understand the consumer journey to purchase various snacks and drink product categories. We knew that Lucid had the global scale to reach these consumers, and we knew they could do it in an economical way,” says Shruti Malani Krishnan, Founder and COO. “We also knew they would be able to capture a high quality audience by using our behavioral data tool to vet the participants based on their behavior and qualify them to participate in the study based on relevant behaviors.” 


Shruti explains, “People are growing tired of long surveys, and there is a lot of data within online behavior that is easily identifiable without asking someone a ton of questions to screen participants and ensure they match the audience the client needs to reach. With Lucid, the only questions are in the prescreener to make sure we recruit the right people, and everything else is our technology which captures valuable passive and behavioural data that makes a real impact for our clients.”

“For example, in this case we were able to vet participants based on their historical behavior to confirm they had relevant activity for the four key product categories. This allowed us to automatically screen them into a 2-minute survey, rather than putting them through a 10-15 minute survey to assess whether they were a good fit.” 


“There is so much valuable behavioural data available from consumers’ digital behaviors. We are glad our partnership with Lucid enables us to capture that impactful data for our clients, no matter where they are globally. ” says Shruti. 

PYI’s client also realized the following benefits:

  • Cost: Reaching the necessary audience was less than half the cost of the alternative panel solution. 
  • Quality: PY Insights analysed the results for the client and found quality was much better than that of other panels they had run similar projects with. The client was able to find out that only 32% of those who qualified based on survey responses had illustrated the behavior client was looking to research, which allowed them to make an informed business decision. 
  • Scale: Lucid’s Marketplace has global reach to get insights from respondents in all the necessary markets. The ability to do programmatic recruitment was a key step in reaching panelists globally at scale.
  • Speed and ease of use: PY Insights was able to set up the project easily; it took just minutes to set up for all the necessary markets. 
  • Better participant experience and deeper, actionable insights: PY Insights was able to reduce a typical 10-15 minute survey process to a 2-3 minute process while capturing actual behavioral data about participants’ online browsing habits.

“Working with Lucid, now a Cint company,  has helped us resolve quality misconceptions that people sometimes have of programmatic platforms like Lucid where you’re tapping into so many panels. We analysed the quality of results from Lucid versus panels used on previous projects and found it was far better,” says Shruti.