By: Richard Thornton

There are a variety of ways in which market research can be used. For marketers wanting to ensure a new campaign will be a hit with the target audience, market research can be used as a test bed to gauge opinion; particularly if they feel the strategy could be a risky bet.

In a bid to stand out from the crowd and encompass real creativity in a campaign, a larger budget is often required. However, to commission a higher budget for a campaign without being confident of its success isn’t wise. Therefore, rather than a marketer’s creativity being stunted by fear of failure, it is far better to carry out the right research to test ideas which could later result in a fantastic campaign.

Audience identification is a key area for marketers looking to ensure their campaigns are targeting the right people, as well as brands and organisations who want to establish the right audience for a product offering or service launch. It is the starting point for any campaign or venture to identify market demand and audience. Once this is known, it is vital to find out what resonates with this target group. In a bid to be creative and look to have a finger on the pulse, some brands and marketers might jump on topical issues to piggy-back a campaign on. Whilst this can prove to be an effective tactic for many, brands should first make sure that the topic resonates with their audience, and aligns with the brand messages and commercial objectives. The rise in digital channels means there are a variety of ways to gain opinion, whether this involves utilizing social channels, running a quick poll using the wealth of free DIY polling tools out there, or taking advantage of online survey sampling technology.

When considering marketing strategy development, marketers can also learn from other brands and their campaign results; looking at the best and the worst of these can be a great lesson in itself. In additional to online channels to gain insights, some marketers might want to go a step further and embrace the new technologies out there, including eye-tracking and facial expression monitoring, which takes the research beyond consumer feedback and accurately reports what the consumer sees and feels when exposed to a campaign – or even at the point of a purchasing decision. Gaining this true, (rather than reported) reaction is a fantastic development which gives marketers more accurate insights; what people say they see or feel, versus what they really see or feel can wildly differ. Here at Cint, we’ve certainly embraced these new technologies and have partnered with eye-tracking company Sticky, and facial expression monitoring firm Real Eyes.

Marketing success is largely down to staying ahead of the curve and in order to achieve this, insights must be gathered. Not only does it help hone in on the right target audience, but it also helps to define themes, establish a tone of voice for the brand and aid in its ultimate success. For this reason, research tools and new technologies in all their glory should be embraced and utilized to the full by marketers.

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