By Stephen Hughes

Business partnerships can be hugely beneficial to the parties involved, and thanks to the current state of play in the market research (MR) industry, these unions are becoming even more prevalent.

However the partnerships that tend to be the most effective are those where each partner brings something unique and of real value, perceived and in practice. More on that in a moment…

The MR sector has drastically changed over the past five years, and it has now become more important than ever to remain at the forefront of global open platform solutions. This is especially true for supply chain management and sample sourcing.

With this in mind, a key objective for us this year has been to make headway in collaborating with other market players and to ensure we, as a company, take an active role in helping shape the future of our industry. These partnerships allow us to offer a one-stop-shop approach in reaching global marketplaces and offering the best software to gather data quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

The most recent example of one of our collaborations is with global marketing research agency InSites Consulting. InSites wanted to extend its reach of panelists across the globe and turned to us for an API solution to bolster its sample audience. By utilizing our unrivalled OpinionHUB platform, businesses can access over 10 million double-opted-in, profiled people in over 50 countries at the touch of a button.

Our platform utilizes the unique combination of InSites’ panels and Marsc’s technologically advanced panel management and hosting software, meaning it is a good example of real technical integration and openness in sharing the best of different platforms and tools to create real value and benefits to buyers of data and insights.

Using OpinionHUB whilst working closely with InSites has meant we’ve been able to open up tremendous spare panel capacity, adding up to 1.5 million respondents in over 50 country panels throughout Europe and across LATAM.

Our commitment to partnerships, such as the ones we have made in 2014, is an on-going process and a vital part of keeping the industry progressing forward. Ultimately, these unions enable us to continuously strengthen our position as a market leader in this field and allow others to build value off or on top of our open platform.


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