By Frida Priks

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, summer is just around the corner. You may have thoughts of putting business aside to make room for lazy days in the sun.

The industry shuts down anyway as everyone is taking holiday, right? Regarding the sidelining of business – think again. Regarding the lazy days in the sun – keep that thought. Access doesn’t go on holiday.

Our Access solution lets you revolutionize your supply chain and free up the working capital tied in it so you can enjoy the summer without worry – simply Do-It-Yourself. It is synonymous with buying a ticket to sunnier climes, most will go to their preferred travel site and all the information needed is presented within the blink of an eye. There’s no longer a need for a middleman, the travel agency. Similarly, log in to Access in between summer adventures and find your target groups yourself within a couple of minutes. This negates use of expensive staff, days of waiting for confirmation and coordination between different providers, and is done with speed, transparency and full control. That means no extra cost for a procurement team and considerable time savings. With the help of Cint, the old-school market research industry has caught up with modern time and realized there’s a more efficient way to do business online.

Cint has 10 million panelists in 60 countries available via a single point of access. They are in the world’s only global online marketplace where buyers and sellers are connected directly. It is easier to get hold of target groups from this pool than ask the procurement team to not take holiday, and the regional sample providers to not take holiday, and the panel owners to not take… you get the idea. As Cint does not own any panel the platform is free from bias and completely open and transparent. Anyone can buy.

And anyone can sell. Anyone can hook up their panel to sell target groups. If you sit on a member base and intend to let it go on holiday during the summer think again. You can go on summer holiday and earn money while sipping on a drink on the beach. Just hook it up to our platform and let us monetize and grow your panel while you relax. We’ll sell it for you and if you happen to finish the bestseller you picked up at the airport we’ll provide you with the latest data on your audience.

So enjoy this summer a bit extra knowing significant cost savings, or increased earnings are only as far away as your nearest internet. Summer will be so much nicer. Not the least for your CFO.

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