By: Ryan Harrivan

Do you regularly receive unsolicited emails trying to sell you something that may not even be relevant to you or your business?

I do! In fact, I get several daily.

On a weekly basis, I get 1 or 2 emails from a salesperson trying to immediately persuade me to convert my business to a SaaS model and move to the cloud.

News flash! I sell a SaaS technology!  We don’t need your services!?

Why is this happening?

Being in sales for almost 20 years, allow me to share my thoughts on this situation.

When I first started off in sales, back in the mid-90s, all I had was a phone book and a phone (no computer, no internet, no email, and no social media) to help me set my meetings with new prospects. I smiled and dialled to open doors to new sales meetings. And it worked back then…

However, technology has changed the game…

Today, we have so many resources to assist with prospecting and sales, it is ridiculous!  We have powerful CRM databases like Salesforce and NetSuite to help keep prospecting efforts organized. We have to quickly and easily trade contact email and phone numbers.  We have Google for obtaining more data on prospective clients then we could ever need, as long as we look deep enough!  And of course, we have LinkedIn and their pro tool for sales professionals LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is everything when it comes to social selling, prospecting, connecting with and contacting the right decision makers within any organization.

That being said, there are still far too many sales people using outdated, unproductive approaches to open doors as they prospect.  They are just pushing to get a meeting, relying solely on the notion that if they throw enough at the wall, something might stick. They send out batch emails to old lists of dated leads and make multiple calls to the same, unqualified prospects, leaving voicemail message after voice message, using canned, boilerplate pitches.  They have chosen to ignore the many resources they have at their fingertips that could help them to step up their game.  And it is evident by the number of unsolicited and poorly targeted emails and or calls we each receive on a daily basis, which is now just creating noise for everyone and not converting to meetings or sales.

Unfortunately, the noise being created by weaker sales people is only making it much more difficult for the more seasoned sales professionals, willing to go the extra mile and do the work to get to the correct decision makers.

So in closing, I politely ask sales people using dated and/or a lazy approach while prospecting for sales meetings to stop making noise and step up your game…

Please be willing to learn more about and embrace social selling.

Please be willing to use all of the current resources available to pre-call plan before reaching to each and every prospect.

Please be willing to find and target the correct prospects and DMs within every organization you call on.

Please be willing to take the time to craft a well thought out, personal message for each prospect you email or call. (This one makes all the difference! You will see a huge ROI here if you do.)

If you follow my lead here, you should win more meetings, and close more business.

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