By Oscar Carlsson


Having visited the recent Esomar conference in Nice, I couldn’t help but notice how very well attended it was – a result I’m sure could be attributed to the location of the event. For who doesn’t love the south of France?


Led by the central theme ‘What Inspires?’, the conference certainly lived up to its name with a number of very inspiring presentations , including the interviews of IPSOS founder Didier Truchot, and solo adventurer Debra Searle – who single-handily rowed across the Atlantic. Searle illustrated the importance of mental strength and how you can steer your mindset to focus on success through even the most challenging times. I was sad to have missed the presentation of ‘wonder child’ Jordan Casey, who at the tender age of 14 launched businesses around multiple apps. He has achieved more in his 14 years than most of us in a lifetime!


One of the reasons for missing this presentation was due to my time spent campaigning for the ESOMAR Council elections, held in September and October. I have been involved with ESOMAR since 2006, and have contributed to white papers and presentations, as well as building out the Cint presence globally which has somewhat disrupted the market research industry.

By being involved at council level, I will be able to bring experience and information about the disruptive technologies and companies that have evolved in our industry, and help ESOMAR take advantage of the opportunities available to develop guidelines applicable to new methodologies and sourcing methods – to respond to and capitalize on the huge sea of change the industry is undergoing.


A focus on quality is paramount, by ensuring these guidelines are in place and continually redefined along with the ever-changing MR landscape as the technology matures, and I feel strongly about helping to steer and deliver this. This is a commitment to the future not only of panels, but river and hybrid models including loyalty programs and strong affinity brands, so as to tap into multiple sources to find the widest span of available respondents.


Cint’s entrepreneurial spirit as a protagonist of disruptive technologies places us in a great position to provide guidance. Not only this, but our model has gone from strength to strength, and the results of a Cint’s client United Minds’ opinion poll on the recent Swedish election, which gave the closest results to the actual election outcome beating all other polls carried out using both online and offline methods, are testament to its effectiveness.


Voting for the elections opens from 22nd September until 20th October, and more on this can be found here. Wish me luck and make your vote count!

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