Here at Cint, we believe that company culture and individuals drive our business success and our business is innovation. We believe that the best way to achieve our goals is to hire creative, talented people and give them a great environment to transform their ideas into cutting-edge, industry transforming web-based solutions. We support this goal by pairing our people with productive agile methodologies and knowledgeable leadership allowing us to focus on delivering the right software at the right time for our customers.


We put a lot of effort into finding people that match well with our working environment. This includes technical skills, mental approach to solving problems and the ability to work together with all the people involved in creating great products. Finding the best people and providing a stimulating environment are two of the most important things we do.


We develop software at an incredibly fast pace, this forces us to constantly adjust our priorities and business plans. Understanding our users and taking quick action on the feedback we receive is the real key to our success.


To make sure that we produce valuable software this quick, we also need a technical environment to support it. Parts of this environment include a test-first style of coding together with automated systems for continuous integration, deployment and monitoring. We are very agnostic when it comes to choice of programming languages and frameworks, but it’s always a combination of how well it solves our objectives, how well we understand it and how much it costs in terms of added complexity and maintenance.


Working together with the best people, using relevant technology to solve the most valuable problems for our clients, gives us the motivation and capacity to build the greatest possible software products. This also makes for a very exciting and rewarding working environment.


Marcus Almgren

Chief Technical Officer

Marcus joined Cint in 2003 and holds Bachelor of Computer Science (Real-time systems) from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
Marcus is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mark Gailey

US Development Manager

Mark works from Atlanta, Georgia.