Generate revenue and improve profitability
by taking advantage of our free technology platform

Monetize your community

Generate more revenue as we invite your community to take surveys from thousands of researchers worldwide in a fully automated fashion. No maintenance costs required.
You earn revenue on each completed survey while your respondents get rewarded for their time with cash, points or incentives of your choosing.

Improve your panel’s health

The longer you stay a partner the better your data gets. Our platform is built to organically collect, update and enrich your consumer profiling points to continuously optimize survey matching.

Engage your audience

Matching the right survey to the right panelist is key to quality engagement, increased respondent satisfaction and higher panel value.
Our technology makes sure to always put your panelists first via our ‘duty of care’ commitment.

Interview your users to develop better solutions

Entering the Cint platform gives you full access to our sample targeting solutions.
Access insights from your own members or interview any of our 50 million panelists from thousands of partners like you.

Own all of the data

As you join the Cint platform we commit to increase the quality of your data, but we never own it, that will always be yours.
The same goes for the ownership of your panel(s), as Cint is simply a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of opinions.

Full API support

Plug into the world’s insights exchange and start seeing results. Our API will take care of the data flow.

The technology solutions for you

Engage MR

Engage MR

Your free panel management portal



Have a panel management solution? Integrate with Cint via our API



Offer your panelists surveys on-the-go

Access Pro

Access Pro

Use it to survey your own panelists as well as 40 million worldwide

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