Engage by Cint™

Whether you already have your own online panel community or are looking to create a new one, Engage empowers you to keep satisfaction and engagement levels high enough to make monetising simple and straightforward.

<strong>Engage</strong> by Cint™
Full panel management
Intelligent dashboards
Revenue Management

Looking for an all-in-one panel management solution?

Engage by Cint™ provides hosting and exchange connectivity to survey panel owners who want to recruit, monitor, gather intelligence and monetise their communities.

Whether you’re migrating your existing communities or creating new ones, you can join Cint’s global panel network to boost your revenue potential.

Best of both worlds
Host your online panel community entirely on the Cint platform or use one of our APIs to connect your existing solution.

New revenue streams
Discover a broader marketplace to keep your panel engaged and monetise them more simply and efficiently. Match your community members to a large pool of online studies effortlessly.

Improve panel health
Use advanced dashboards to analyse panel health, response rates, size, profiling depth and respondent activity to improve decision-making.

Drive recruitment
Recruit members and collect advanced audience insights and demographics data in real-time.

Enhanced media kits
Understand your audiences and improve interactions by analysing profiling data with our improved media kits.

Value justification
Use accurate member profiling and reach data to demonstrate improved value to advertisers.

API integration
Connect platforms, synchronise panels, manage data transfers and keep multiple 3rd party solutions updated automatically in real-time.

Engage helps us with in-depth database querying and the creation of dynamic reports on panel members, Having an instant overview of panel activity tells us when to run recruitment drives and provides in-the-moment panel data With Engage, we can service client and sales requests more efficiently.

Misha Tsvelik, Research Operations Director, Easyinsites

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