Access Enterprise by Cint™

Run your entire research and sample management operation on one seamless, powerful end-to-end platform. Scale and manage multiple panel sources, create standardised processes and manage workflows across your entire market research supply chain.


All supply in one interface
Optimised sample engine
Supply-chain automation

Looking for an enterprise-grade solution to leapfrog over your competition?

Our supplier-agnostic enterprise solution is designed to give large-scale market research organisations the power to command their end-to-end ordering, sampling and project management operations from a single ‘mission control’ user interface.

All things Cint
Take advantage of the full feature functionality of Cint’s entire product set.

Supply chain management at scale
Enterprise-grade solution designed for rapid cycles in supply chains at any scale. Combine proprietary data assets, private marketplace vendors and the Open Exchange in a standardised and scalable way to create the largest possible global panel audience.

Total mission control
Manage your supply sources in one place with standardised workflows, data structures and processes, including panel onboarding, profiling, quality control and respondent engagement.

Lightening speed deployments
Gain real-time automated insight procurement and deploy incredibly fast by integrating your current research tech-stack via our powerful, intuitive APIs.

Complex quota management
Create and manage complex quota combinations with advanced filters across panel combinations.

Next-generation intelligence
Gain invaluable operational insights using Business Intelligence tools

Connected data advantage
Benefit from continuous digital and data innovations. Leverage an ecosystem of connected data and technology providers to accelerate and scale how you compete in the market.

Service like no other
End-to-end support under enterprise-grade maintenance SLAs; delivered by world-class customer success teams.

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