Cint connects market research agencies, brands and organizations with suitable survey participants in target audiences. Whether you’re looking for a standard sample, for example women over 40, a detailed demographic based on a geographical area, income, interests and with children of a certain age, or want to tap into a particular panel owned by a trusted business, our technology will ensure your survey reaches the right people.
Our simple-to-use dashboard enables you to choose targets from over 20 million research participants in 75 countries and deploy a survey in minutes. Cint will not only help you to manage your research workflow more efficiently, but opinions can be obtained within hours if required, enabling fast insight when it really matters. Plus when survey sampling, the cost is clearly displayed so numbers and details can be amended prior to deployment, meaning budgets can always be adhered to.
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With the Cint Access market research tool you can tap into highly engaged communities owned by reputable organizations, brands, publishers and charities giving you confidence that you are reaching the right survey participants and obtaining beneficial intelligence.


Research companies or other businesses that own their own research tools can utilize our ready-to-go API solution, Cint Link. Cint’s technology seamlessly integrates to your current software so you have a quality database of research participants at your fingertips for transparent insight.


Whilst you might be looking for people to participate in your survey today, do you have access to existing audiences which you could recruit into a survey panel of your own? Cint Engage gives businesses the resource to create their own online panel, meaning they have a pool of brand aware <a>survey respondents</a> to return to time and again.