If you want to carry out research on a regular basis to gauge consumer opinion of your products, services, marketing efforts or the marketplace itself, you’ll find having your own market research panel gives you unlimited opportunity to do this. Once established, your panel can be used as often as you need, and can be made up of the right demographic for your organization, meaning opinions polled are representative of your target market.

If you utilize Cint Engage for obtaining market intelligence there is added benefit for you and your panelists – you have the opportunity to open up your community for inclusion in Cint OpinionHUB, for others across the world to use for market research. If this option is chosen, it creates income opportunities for both you and your community members, who all receive a ‘thank you’ payment for a completed survey. Owning an open-market research panel is particularly advantageous for charities and not-for-profit organizations due the regular revenue stream it provides in addition to the opportunity to engage with supporters.

Cint Engage allows brands, media publishers, bloggers and professional groups to connect with the people that matter to them, understand audience opinions and extract intelligence with which to inform all areas of the organization. From qualifying a marketing campaign idea and improving product packaging to shaping media content and events, understanding your target audience provides a framework for insightful activity.

If you do not want to create your own community, but instead are looking for a market research panel or a specific demographic comprising multiple panels to poll, the Cint Access market research tool allows you to reach out to over 20 million respondents worldwide in Cint OpinionHUB.

Alternatively, if you want to use your own research tool but need to add sampling capabilities, our ready-to-go API solution, Cint Link, can integrate seamlessly with your current solution.

Contact Cint for further information about creating your own online panels or tapping into Cint OpinionHUB.