Whether you have an existing panel, multiple panels or are considering creating one for the first time so that you can engage with and gain better market insight from your audience, Cint Engage is one of the most advanced panel management systems in the industry.

Put simply, your panel is your community and you can obtain their opinions through Cint Engage to benefit your business. Plus, by opening your group to market researchers for additional surveys, you can generate an automatic source of income, which you can use to offset the already reasonable cost of managing your panel. All invitations and incentives to members of your panel are created with your brand’s look and feel and the tool supports multiple languages so it’s easy to set up a multi-country panel network if that’s what you require.

We offer a completely flexible solution accessed via a straightforward dashboard, which fits a blended sample approach. That means individuals from different panels can be surveyed together and you too can access the opinions of over 20 million people around the world using Cint Access market research tools whenever you want.

The online panel management dashboard allows you to gain full control of all project documentation, procurement, incentives and your community’s statistics, such as response rates and revenue earned.

Transfer an existing panel to Cint Engage or establish a new one, for example from a registration page on your website, and find out what your audience is thinking.