Create your own survey panel and start making money
by hosting it on the Cint global platform

Cint gives you the tools to create a survey panel with your own community and manage its progress. Take control of how your recruit your members and keep them engaged by supplying them with surveys from all corners of the globe. Not only can you leave your panel to generate revenue but you can also use it for your own research programs or to tap into your panel members’ data to obtain information on demographics, habits, ownerships, education and more. All thanks to the profiling points that we will help you set up.


We have a dedicated panel management solution for this called Cint Engage.

Through the tool you will be able to manage your panel, see statistics and cash in on your revenue. Yes, revenue. All panels connect to our marketplace, a platform used by researchers to send market research studies and surveys out to specific audiences. The more surveys your panelists will answer the more you (and them) will get paid for it, basically making your panel an automatic source of income.

In case you already have one or more research panels you can transfer them into our platform thanks to our API solutions and start making money right away.
We will help you in managing the panel transfer process.


Survey panels are made of pre-recruited groups of people who have agreed to participate in market research studies. Members are usually given incentives as a reward for giving their time and opinions to these surveys. Panel owners also get a share, so owning a good panel can be profitable.

When building a panel with Cint all communication to your panelists will come with your brands look and feel, keeping your mission and message present within your community.



See which markets are ripe for new revenue opportunities
Want to build new panels? Get statistics and estimates on where it will be most profitable to build. See which countries are in need of new panels and where the highest payouts are.
Easy panel setup
Set-up your new panel quickly with the ‘Easy Panel’ feature. A totally streamlined and templated process in several languages so that you can get started right away and customize your settings later.
See your in-depth panel statistics
Check the performance and health of your panel at any time. See response rates, panel size, profiling depth, respondent activity, panelist incentives and procurement all from the panel dashboard.
Monetize your panel and analyse the revenue
Find out where you are having the greatest returns so you can focus your recruitment on markets and panels that give the most revenue.
Run your own research
Do research on your own panel or on the thousands of others connected to the Cint marketplace with our DIY research tools.