At Cint, we understand how important it is to poll survey respondents that can provide valuable insight into your target audiences. That’s why all of our panellists – currently over 20 million in 75 countries – are routinely reviewed to ensure they are actively engaged in regular surveys; those who aren’t are opted out. Panels are owned by trusted brands, publishers and organizations around the world, and we work with these online panel partners to ensure their research participants receive regular opportunities to complete studies that are interesting to them and also yield an incentivized return.

To get started and quickly deploy a survey, contact us and we can create an account or arrange a demo.

In 2013, we introduced Cint Optimizer to increase panel reach and efficiency. By leveraging existing panel members’ profile information, Optimizer matches survey respondents to a study. This minimizes the number of qualifying questions and the time the respondent spends in the optimization and routing process, resulting in a more engaged panel community.

Launching a new product? Diversifying into a new business area? No matter what your requirement, we can provide you with the tools to effectively connect with a ready-made audience of survey respondents who understand your market and are prepared to share their valuable insight. Whether gathering feedback from parents on new toy packaging or asking questions to doctors about the latest medicine, we have access to the right panelists for your brand.

Via our DIY market research tool Cint Access, market research agencies and marketers can deploy a survey to their target respondents in just minutes. The user-friendly dashboard also means budgets and survey samples can be managed efficiently.

If you’re looking for a tool to create your survey with, see our list of partners or learn more about Cint Link should you wish to connect your existing survey software to Cint’s technology.