Under the hood

We have several key features in the Cint platform that are constantly updated and improved.
The following list tells you a bit more about these features and what they do.


Cint Access+tracking is smart, adaptive software for online fieldwork that can recognize and understand how response rates of targeted demographic groups vary over time. It uses this information to adjust frequency and sample size to achieve perfectly filled quotas.

Access+tracking is compatible with all major data collection software. Just program your survey, upload links and let +tracking do the work.


Cint offers several API options to accommodate both your buying and selling needs. Connect seamlessly to our platform from your proprietary solutions.


Cint Optimizer

How Does It Work?

At Cint every panelists’ experience begins with a survey invitation, but accepting this invitation does not always guarantee that panelists will complete the survey. Sometime they will not fit into the target. This is where the ‘Optimizer’ steps in, matching these panelists in real time with a new survey they can complete.

The survey matching is a two-sided process, cross-referencing the existing profiling data of each panelist with all other available surveys in the system to then produce the best possible fit for the respondent. In case of a partial match between survey and panelist the ‘Optimizer’ will automatically generate and ask the respondent the qualifying questions needed to meet the survey’s requirements and store those answers as new panelist profiling data.

Who benefits from the Optimizer?

Maximize supply capacities and increase revenue

Maximize your supply capacities by having Cint direct your panelists to surveys that match their profile. This feature also increases profiling question penetration and therefor the opportunity to earn more as your panelists will qualify for more projects. All profiling data is stored for you to access and use at no additional cost.

Complete more surveys and earn more incentives

If a panelist is not eligible to take one survey, the Optimizer redirects them to a new one in a quick and seamless manner. Panelists participate in more studies while improving their profiling to better qualify for future surveys, earn more incentives and have a better user experience.

Access more eligible sample and get completes faster

With the Optimizer, you can quickly gain access to profiled custom audiences, resulting in better
incidence rates, lower prices and faster field times. This makes each project more efficient than the last. You can see a higher return on your sample purchase while ensuring significant cost savings.

The process for sample suppliers and respondents

The process for sample buyers


The ‘Optimizer’ is a feature offered to all of our sample buyers using ‘Access Pro’ and to our panel partners (sample suppliers).

Sample buyers can control this feature within ‘Access Pro’ on a project by project basis.

Sample Suppliers can request this feature for their panel by contacting the Cint Panel team here.

Feasibility calculator

Our in-house statisticians have been working hard on improving feasibility estimates of projects to make them as realistic as possible. We want to ensure that your projects won’t need to run longer than necessary to get the completes you need. The result of this work is a completely new feasibility algorithm.

OLD feasibility: Panel aggregated response rates
Since their introduction within the Cint insights exchange (formally OpinionHUB) in 2009, response rates (RRs) have been calculated panel-per-panel, updated weekly and based on the latest closed selections. Consequently, feasibility had been calculated for all target groups based on the panel’s average response-rate value.

Industry-wide Problem:
Since a panel usually contains many different types of people populating several target groups, some panels have higher response rates than others. Additionally, a number of panelists respond to almost every survey they receive, while others tend to only respond to a few even though they belong to the same panel and target group.

Our solution: Individual response rates
After much thinking and testing, we have changed how we determine feasibility to accurately calculate and predict the individual response rate of each panelist. Feasibility is now calculated for the specific target group you have selected instead of the panel in which the panelist resides.

Regardless of how narrow or specific you make your target group, the Cint insights exchange will only take into account the individual response rates of the panelists you are targeting and will accurately predict their likelihood of answering.

Change: new response rates
As a result, you will see new response rates in all of the Cint insights exchange panels that will vary according to the target groups you select.

So, for example, limiting your target group’s age span to teenagers or trying to book a project during a holiday period will result in lower expected response rates. Conversely, selecting retired females in periods of low activity will show higher response rates.”

Panelist profiling surveys

To continuously expand and improve the data points of your group, panelists are asked to answer micro-profiling questions every time they take a survey.
Panel owners can choose which data points are more relevant to them so that these will be prioritized and shown to the panelists on a regular basis.

Branded panelist portal

Panel owners can set up their own branded portal where panelists can manage their account, review their profiling data, view their incentive balance and redeem their rewards.

De-duping technology

By tagging each respondent with an anonymous ID, our system is able to know when a panelist has answered a survey and prevents them from answering it again.

This is made possible by ‘Cint Unique Respondent’ and ‘Relevant ID’ technologies. (www.imperium.com/services/relevantid)

Re-invite periods and explicit re-contacts can override this behavior.

Micropayments & Incentives

Cint handles panelist micropayments in multiple markets.

Panel owners can choose how to pay out incentives (gift cards, lotteries, bank transfers, PayPal transfer and more).

Cint manages both the settlement and delivery of the payments.

Quarantine management system

To avoid over usage, panel owners can control how frequently their panel is being used.

Panel rights system

Our platform supports an advanced rights management system where you can control which clients can access your panel and allow your preferred ones to benefit from discounts.


This measure looks at the IP address of the panelist to verify that they are in the country they claim to be in.


This a is a default measure which purpose is to prevent bots to fill in panelist registrations and basically make sure that only humans can fill in a panelist registration page.

Project-specific re-direct links

Each project’s end page is unique. A signature in the router link will prevent panelists from accessing unintentional projects.


A small piece of code is stored on the computer revealing respondents who have tampered with the (survey) link and changed their IP address. We require cookie validation to register a survey complete.