In order for brands to maintain successful on-site blog strategies, it is essential they obtain consumer opinion to inform insightsful content and remain ahead of competitors. By using different methods of gathering market intelligence, brands can create effective blog entries that meet consumer requirements, drive awareness and increase sales of products or services, advises Cint, a global provider of market research tools.

Seeking opinions from audiences through a range of research techniques, capitalising on industry trends and piggybacking on the latest newsworthy items are all best practice approaches. Google Analytics provides data with which to gauge consumer habits and undertaking keyword research also provides insights into what industry-relevant terms audiences are searching for online. Additionally, by using community management techniques and asking audiences questions directly, brands can determine the type of content that will best resonate. Is image-based content more popular or will text-based posts or audio excerpts generate a more positive reaction? Brands can also discover the optimal length for on-site blog posts to keep the attention of their readers.

For example, a beauty brand could ask its consumer community whether they would be interested in seeing a proportion of video-led content, tutorials or reviews, and a strategy and schedule can be created accordingly. When content meets the needs of its audience it is more likely to be shared socially, thus resulting in further awareness and encouraging further loyalty from consumers who view the blog as a go-to source of information.

Tapping into survey panels offers a valuable solution for gathering market intelligence and allows brands to question their own communities or reach target demographics. Brands can easily discover what is well received and what they would like to see more of. They can also open up their panels to polls from third-party organisation, which results in a thank-you payment being issued to both panellists and panel owners, further incentivising research participants to continue sharing their views.

Cint’s CEO, Bo Mattsson, says: “Competition is fierce among brands and it is key to implement techniques that will inform effective strategies for on-site blog success. It is therefore important brands cater to the requirements of their target audiences by determining the type of content they want to see and return time and again for, whether that’s through analytical tools or by questioning relevant demographics through survey panels.

“Ultimately, brands must produce content that audiences feel incentivised to share. If a company takes the time to question their followers’ preferences, it will likely increase the chances of their output being distributed further afield, helping to enhance brand acquisition and the brand’s bottom line.”

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