Global software provider Cint has launched OpinionAPP, a free native app for all of the 19 million panelists hosted on the Cint platform OpinionHUB. OpinionAPP will offer a branded experience filled with survey opportunities so that panelist can engage with the panels they are a part of, getting them closer to the panel’s brand and keeping it top of mind among the community.

The app is built with both the panelist and panel owner in mind so that all parties can benefit from it.

Panelists will enjoy a better user experience as they’ll have an overview of all of their survey panels from one single access point, making access to surveys easier, more engaging and “PC-free”. Additionally panelists will be able to improve their profiling points, resulting in more and better matched surveys, which means more incentives for them and increased revenue for their panel owners.

For Cint panel partners, the app will be available with zero fees and no technical skills required for the implementation. Panel owners will benefit from a stronger presence as “Survey cards” are branded with their panel logo. The convenience of the app will also increase user engagement, extending panelist lifetime and in turn produce more revenue for the panel owners.

Oscar Carlsson, vice president of Cint products, said: “OpinionAPP will enable panel partners to really take panelist engagement to the next level, making it easy and convenient while increasing the amount of surveys they participate in and resulting in a higher revenue share for panel owners.

At a time when attracting and maintaining sample supply is a vital task and an ongoing challenge, this innovation will go some way to helping our partners and the panel marketplace as a whole.”

“In addition to the panel owners and members’ benefits, OpinionAPP will be well received by our buy-side customers, as the Cint router (Optimizer) will be connected to the app, allowing for instant redirects to new surveys if panelists don’t qualify for the one they started taking.” he added.

OpinionAPP 1.0 is only the beginning. During 2016 Cint plans to improve and expand the app to tie it into their upcoming Real Time Insights solution, that will connect: panelists data (behavioural and demographic), ad-tracking technology, geo-location and survey capabilities to give advertisers, not just proof of audience, but also the ability to ask users any question they like.

OpinionAPP is available on IOS and Android, click to learn more about OpinionAPP.

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