Higher returns and additional data benefits for Cint panel partners with Connect

Real-time insights tool Cint Connect launched today, offering the world’s first self-serve eco-system for audience and ad effectiveness measurement. The global cross-panel, cross device insights exchange enables panel partners to generate higher revenue on their communities, as well as gather additional profiling data in a highly automated and cost effective way, by offering their members to participate in advertising research. The unique new system from the global insights exchange platform holds benefits for all users.

For panel partners:

  • Boost to revenue opportunities for panel partners, addressing the lower returns from their member recruitment due to decreasing prices and a more competitive environment
  • Panel partners will see additional revenue from both the ad effectiveness (surveying) and audience measurement – benefits available uniquely via Cint
  • For the first time, panel partners will be able to benchmark their own panel against the general population to measure differences in behavior and attitudes
  • Improved panelist experience and hence reduced panel member churn due to more relevant survey opportunities
  • Can be used alongside Cint’s new OpinionAPP, a mobile app for panelists offered to panel partners at no cost, to follow the behavior of their communities on their smartphones – bridging events online with events offline, such as connecting response to an online advertisement with in-store behaviour

For researchers:

  • Ground-breaking solution combined with the power of the Cint platform behind it – offering scale, self-serve, cross-platform/device and undisputed survey capabilities
  • Completely self-serve technology, from campaign creation and campaign tracking to audience surveying via Cint’s industry-leading Access sampling platform.
  • The global reach via more than 1,500 communities comprising a combined audience of 19 million throughout the world provides an unrivalled reach of reliable self-reported data
  • Using its Optimizer technology Cint deepens the profile of each respondent by continuously adding to the 100s of self-reported data points, data that researchers will obtain from the Connect solution

Cint Connect already has more than 1,500 panel partners opted in to the program, already the world’s largest ad measurement insights exchange. Aaron Platshon, CEO at TapResearch – panel partner to Cint – said:”The launch of Connect enables advertisers to run mobile ad effectiveness at scale. As the largest mobile-first partner of Cint, it was a no-brainer for TapResearch to participate.”

Stefan Hök, Senior Vice President of Cint products, explained: “No other insights platform provides researchers with such broad coverage of advertisement measurement technology, whilst offering an additional revenue stream to panel partners and at the same time, keeping the panelist experience in focus with complete transparency and increased relevant survey opportunities”

Cint’s offering has led the evolution of audience data, as the firm has created the broadest and most comprehensive respondent network ecosystem.

As with all Cint products, Connect is fully self-serve with supporting APIs, allowing campaigns to be launched and tracked instantly from the Campaign monitor, and the downloading of results files with deep profiling data. Alternatively, users can implement Connect APIs and get the data in real-time to their own dashboard.

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