28th April, 2015: Cint, the global panel marketplace platform provider, has reinforced its commitment to supply partners through the launch of Engage MR, a solution that provides enhanced functionality in panel management. The tool offers access to rich data on activity reporting to optimize revenues and opportunities, as well as better recruitment features for panel growth for fast identification of ROI on different recruitment partners, and a user-friendly interface for easy panel set-up and management. Engage MR is available to partners that run a panel with Cint or those who monetize their panels through API’s.

Engage MR, based on the original Engage Media tool, launched in 2012, gives greater visibility of panelist activity and revenue streams thereby allowing panel owners to clearly identify additional ways in which they can monetize panels. The process for building and managing panels is also easier and more streamlined, putting control back into the hands of the user. A new panel in a new country and different language can be launched within a day.

Cint’s Vice President of Products & Supply Oscar Carlsson explains: “Efficiency is key in the MR world, and Engage MR is another example of our commitment to develop solutions that help the industry gather insights more efficiently. The sophisticated reporting functionality of Engage MR provides great benefits for the user, alongside a visibility to identify further monetization potential. Furthermore, the recruitment features will enable further panel growth, which is great for the industry as a whole especially during a time where maintaining supply is a growing concern.”

Cint’s Engage clients include, e-Research-Global.com Inc., Eurus and sample supplier MediaAid. Niels Thimmer from MediaAid said: “Cint Engage gives us an opportunity to focus on panelist recruitment, whilst with the supplier API, we have total transparency on the Cint platform. We can extract useful data and really easily implement into our system – it’s never been easier for companies with large audiences like news outlets, membership sites and even professional affiliates to deliver value to their audience while at the same time, achieving a long term contiunual income stream.”

Joe Leon, VP, e-Research-Global.com Inc, said: “The addition of the Engage platform tool in Cint’s OpinionHub has increased our supply-side sample capabilities by identifying new panel opportunities, resulting in two new panels to date.”

This news follows the recent launch of Access Pro – technology that puts the control over the entire delivery process back into the hands of the user. It is now easier than ever for agencies to cut sample procurement costs by subsidizing external sample spend with building and managing an own proprietary panel with Engage MR. Both systems strengthen Cint’s position as a leading provider of technology-led solutions, meeting the evolving requirements of the market research industry.

Cint’s Engage MR is now live. For more information, visit our Engage MR page

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