Cint Connect’s real-time 100+ data point tracking against their 19 million pre-profiled consumers just made MVI’s understanding of the Millennial Luxury shopper a lot more focused.

MVI Marketing with Cint obtain powerful online ad tracking

Los Angeles, CA, May 26, 2016 – MVI Marketing Ltd. has established a strategic partnership with Cint to leverage Cint’s technology for obtaining consumer insights, demographic and unique data points for its Millennial Discretionary Spend Research Report.  MVI’s subscription based syndicated research report, which is accessible via a web based portal, provides MVI’s active clients in the luxury goods sector, including the engagement ring market, with a deep dive into current market trends.

Taking full advantage of Cint’s latest SaaS offering Cint Connect, a real-time insights tool that offers a self-serve ecosystem for audience and ad effectiveness measurement, MVI is now able to capture 100+ demographic and pre-profiled data points among each of the 19 million audience members hosted in Cint’s platform as they view an online ad tagged for tracking via Cint’s technology.  MVI now has the ability to track and share data on brand preference, age, gender, geographic location, household income, education level, in addition to several other data points per impression on digital ads targeted for tracking, providing MVI with unique data points unavailable from any other resource or technology.

In addition, MVI has tapped into Cint’s insights exchange platform to reach MVI’s niche target audiences (professional millennials, those soon to be engaged/recently engaged and luxury brand purchasers) for their research efforts. Via this partnership, MVI will now have much quicker access to profiled research respondents for their regular omnibus and quantitative research studies.

Over the next few months MVI and Cint plan to work to programmatically automate their technologies via API.

MVI Marketing Ltd. is THE Marketing Intelligence Company for the gem, jewelry and watch industries worldwide providing market intelligence, strategic direction, and research about the industries. MVI is also the leading provider of jewelry and watch consumer research answering pressing questions concerning purchase desirability and sales forecast.

The global gem, jewelry and watch industries are a dynamic and evolving mosaic. In this highly secretive and fraternal business sector, market intelligence and strategic direction are hard to come by. MVI has specialized in this area for almost 30 years.

MVI’s clients include global mining conglomerates, manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, financial institutions and sovereign nations.

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