Global panel marketplace platform technology leader Cint has announced an upgrade to its supply-API technology with the launch of Cint Push Supply, allowing both suppliers and buyers to achieve significantly increased survey conversion.

Suppliers can now access full inventory functionality on the platform, giving them complete control over who to offer surveys to, what to offer them and when. Cint Push Supply will allow supply partners to tap into Cint’s extensive marketplace efficiently and easily without installing or licensing any software. The supplier and respondent experience will be greatly enhanced as this new solution negates any unecessary pre-screening and signficantly increases survey conversion.

Oscar Carlsson, vice president of Cint’s supply products, explains: “Cint Push Supply is superior to everything else available on the market as it sits on top of Cint’s integrated platform including Cint’s Optimizer router and is underpinned with our quality and respondent experience measures and platform business rules. It provides outstanding technology-enabled functionality, offering real automation and transparency both for the buyer and for the supplier.

“The growth in push-suppliers has been exponential, especially in the US market for our North American business, and will continue to grow and become a real force in the sample supply chain alongside our leading double-opt-in panel model. This is pertinent in a world where supply isn’t infinite and new and innovative ways of attracting panelists and maintaining a sustainable supply model is a real priority.”

Cint’s solutions have been developed to capitalise on a next generation approach to monetizing survey traffic by accessing on expanding push-supply (non-direct email invite) sources.

Cint Push Supply is now fully deployed on the Cint platform with a number of supply partners fully integrated after successful testing over the past several months. These include rewards panel Points2Sample, and early indications on success rates are showing conversion rates that exceed those of other solutions in the industry.

Janna de Bruijne, COO of Points2Sample, said: “We are excited to expand upon our support of Cint’s development in the US push-supply market, and we are enjoying great success with the integration of Cint Push Supply.”

Oscar continued: “The development of Cint Push Supply is another step in our mission to becoming a major force in the MR market in the US, offering US buyers the speed and efficiency they demand whilst staying true to our roots; overlaying the entire solution spectrum with quality and transparency.”

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