Discover the demographic and profiling data of your members thanks to our free technology solutions

How does it work?

All you need to do is bring your registered members into the Cint platform in the form of a consumer panel, or simply create a consumer panel first and then start your registering process (what we call panel recruitment).

By doing this you will become a Cint Panel Partner and instantly join our Audience Insights Exchange with all the benefits that follow.

What is a consumer panel?

Consumer panels are comprised of double opted-in groups of people who have agreed to self-declared,first party data to participate in market research studies. Members are usually given incentives to reward them for their time and participation.
If you are managing an online community then that community can become a consumer panel.

Accelerate your consumer insights

The longer you stay a partner the better your data gets. Our platform is built to organically collect, update and enrich your consumer data with demographic and profiling information to constantly deepen your knowledge of it.

Understand your audience

Use the standard data generated by our platform or create specific questions to gather ad-hoc data points on your community.
Use this information to target the right people as you test future promotions, advertisements and product packages.

Prove advertising effectiveness

Access the profiles of who sees your ads and online content thanks to the joint power of our ad tracking technology mixed with a database of demographic and profiling data from 50 million registered consumers in 80+ countries (all coming from Cint partners like you).

Improve your ad offering

Interview your exposed and non-exposed visitors to prove ad effectiveness with our audience targeting technology.

Increase customer loyalty

Keep your name top of mind as you engage your community with branded surveys.
Each completed survey will earn them incentives that you can link to paywalls or subscription models to give them a taste of what your premium content looks like.

Own all of the data

As you join the Cint platform we commit to increase the quality of your data, but we never own it, that will always be yours.

Create a new revenue source

Generate more revenue as we invite your community to take surveys from thousands of researchers worldwide in a fully automated fashion (only with your consent).
You earn revenue on each completed survey while your members get rewarded for their time with cash, points or incentives of your choice.

Full API support

Plug into Cint’s Audience Insights Exchange and start seeing results. Our API will take care of the data flow.

The technology solutions for you

Engage Media

Engage Media

Your free panel management portal



Sync your members’ data back to your CRM



Track your ads and prove your marketing’s impact

Access Pro

Access Pro

Use it to survey your own members as well as 40 million people worldwide

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