RTI Webinar


Cint has some exciting news to share with you regarding the launch of our Real Time Insights (RTI) technology.

Executive Summary:

  • Real-Time Insight is a new product line from Cint than enables matching of panelists and their behaviour online by using industry standard cookie tracking technology.
  • You as a panel partner will be remunerated in line with your current contract. Cint expects the incremental revenue opportunity to be significant.
  • There is no additional work for you as a panel partner (besides signing the addendum)
  • Panelist’s privacy is strictly protected. Panelist participation in this and all research activities through Cint are done uniquely with their consent and always anonymously.

Please sign up for the session that fits best within your schedule:

  • Webinar 1 – March 14th 9:30 AM GMT
  • Webinar 2 – March 18th 4 PM GMT (11 AM EST)

Please note that there are no technical actions or requirements from your side in order to take part of this new business opportunity that Real Time Insights will provide.

We hope you are as excited as we are around this new business opportunity and look forward to continue doing business with you.