Build stronger connections with your audience and understand
what makes them tick

Join the Cint global panel network

Collect detailed demographic information about your audience

Support ad sales and prove your website’s value

In-depth member statistics

Recruit members and let Engage collect advanced profiling and demographic data that you can access at any time.

Media kit building

Feed your community’s profiling data into creating ad-hoc media kits. Use them to understand your audience and improve how you interact with your followers.
Cint Engage iPad monitize your panel
Cints Engage Media dashboard

How does it work?

Engage is a free tool given to all of our partners. All you need to do is host your consumer panel on the Cint platform. Once this is done you will be given an Engage account and with it the capabilities to recruit members, manage, monetize, gather intelligence and invoice us all in one tool.

When bringing your community into the Cint ecosystem you are also adding a panel to our global insights network. So, on top of using your panel to conduct your own research and analysis, you can also earn money by allowing others to access your group/s to conduct market research studies and keep your audience engaged.

Because of this unique business model you will be able to use Engage at no cost for as long as you choose to make your panel available for market research studies. Additionally your community will earn incentives by answering surveys.

Ad sales support

Use your member’s profiling data to show advertisers the value of your publication or website and its reach.

Audience engagement

Survey your audience to ask for feedback on editorial content, run cover tests, shelf tests and more.

Community monetization

Generate revenue from your panels by allowing market researchers to buy access to your members via our platform.
Cints Engage Media demographic data
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Engage Media panel dashboard

What is a panel?

Consumer panels are comprised of pre-recruited groups of people who have agreed to participate to market research studies. Members are usually given incentives to reward them for their time and participation.

All-in-one platform

Feed your data into Engage with third party integrations like incentive solutions, cookie tracking, DMP data enrichment, ad testing tools, external panel management, community login pages, survey/usability/ eyetracking tools and more.

API integration

Automate your processes by integrating your own tools via our API.

Total autonomy

1 account, 100% in control with our self-service model.

Easy invoicing

Monitor your revenue and invoice us through the Engage tool.

Future-proof technology

Focus on your business while we worry about the data.
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