Meet Yvonne, founder of a non-profit organization
Meet Yvonne, founder of a non-profit organization. She needs to find more ways to get her community involved and ultimately, increase donations

Engage your community for charitable fundraising

How does Cint Engage help her?

Yvonne uses Cint Engage to help with fundraising efforts by monetizing her panel group made up of volunteers and supporters. Market researchers provide incentives in the form of ‘thank you’ payments when panelists take surveys through the Cint platform. Yvonne can turn these incremental payments into donations, and her audience can feel good about donating both time and money to the cause.

Yvonne likes Cint Engage because of the steady revenue opportunities it offers as well as the constant reminders sent to her community in the form of survey invitations. In addition to being easy to set up and maintain, Engage also allows Yvonne to have more time to focus on her charity work.

Get Supporters More Involved With Cint Engage

Set-up multiple, branded panels for free. You own the panel and have full control over how often your panelists are contacted.

Increase donations by giving your community members the opportunity to take market research studies. They share their opinions and your organization gains incrememental revenue.

Access the groups to conduct your own market research.

What is a Panel?

Research panels are comprised of pre-recruited groups of people who have agreed to participate in market research studies. Members are usually given incentives to reward them for their time and participation.

All communcation to panelists will look like it comes from your brand, keeping your mission and message top-of-mind.

The OpinionHUB platform

Like all Cint solutions, Cint Engage connects to OpinionHUB. All panels hosted by Engage are part of this dynamic ecosystem.

What is OpinionHUB?
OpinionHUB is a market-leading exchange platform and insight marketplace holding all of our products together. It connects buyers and sellers of online sample. OpinionHUB currently hosts more than 20 million respondents in 75 countries and is constantly expanding!

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