Accelerate your survey tool performance and add value by powering your research software with Link

Incredible reach

Tap into the minds of 50 million people in over 80 countries.

Precise targeting

Interview any demographic group, from general consumers to niche audiences.

Instant feasibility & pricing

See costs and project feasibility in real time.
Link by Cint dashboard

Cint API for all your problems

How does Link work?

Link is a simple plug-in solution, connecting your survey tool to the Cint global panel network.

Your clients will keep building their surveys the usual way, but with Link in place, they will also have the option to send their survey to a panel base of 50 million consumers worldwide.

Why link to the Cint platform?

Hosting 50 million registered consumers worldwide, we maintain an online insights marketplace that enables our partnered community owners to manage, monetize and enrich their data by sharing it with us. And, thanks to our technology solutions, Cint empowers researchers, agencies and brands like yours to access this consumer data and to survey these communities in real time.

Tap into the minds of people with Link by Cint