Sustainability and ESG

The insights industry plays a key role in enabling companies to understand stakeholder expectations, to deliver on those expectations and to develop responsible businesses, products and services which is at the heart of Cint’s business model.

Five focus areas

Cint has identified 5 key themes for the company’s sustainability agenda. These material sustainability areas have been identified through a formalised stakeholder engagement process in parallel to the continuous interactions Cint has with its wide group of stakeholders, including (but not limited to) customers, partners, employees, panel providers and owners.

Data protection and privacy

Data protection and privacy are fundamental to Cint’s business model. Cint is reliant upon its stakeholders’ trust to operate effectively. Ensuring data is kept safe from unauthorised access and empowering users to make their own decisions about who can process their data and for what purpose is the foundation of such trustful relationships.

Employee health and wellbeing

Cint’s goal is to make sure all employees feel respected by colleagues and managers and to create the conditions for a mentally and physically healthy workforce including a flexible work life. Furthermore, the company acknowledges the importance of creating career opportunities and development possibilities for its employees. Cint’s employee net promoter score (eNPS) has improved substantially since January 2019 to July 2020, with an increase from 25 to 55.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

To Cint, equality is ensuring everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation. Diversity is about taking account of the differences between people and groups of people, and placing a positive value on those differences. Cint takes pride in its diverse workforce and has an explicit policy of non-tolerance of discrimination and strives for an equal workplace. This is expressed in the company’s code of conduct, which is communicated to all employees. Cint’s strives for diversity and equality being a natural part of its business. The conditions, rights and development opportunities for all employees must be equal throughout the company and not be dependent on e.g. gender or origin. Currently, there are 25 spoken languages at Cint and, as per 31 December 2020, approximately 36% of all the employees are women.

Gender balance as per 31 December 2020


Innovation is a core element for the companies that are digitalising the insights industry to be able to contribute to sustainable societal development. Sustainable innovation is an important aspect for Cint. Innovation enables companies to understand stakeholder expectations, deliver on these expectations and to develop responsible businesses, products and services. Constant innovation is an important factor for the company’s ability to keep its position as a key player in helping drive digital transformation in the insights industry and the continued shift from offline to online digital research.

Profitability and growth

It is important for the company to achieve sustainable long-term economic growth without creating a negative impact on social, environmental or cultural aspects in places where Cint acts. Profitability is essential to be able to grow and to create economic value for stakeholders beyond the company’s shareholders. Profitable growth enables Cint to create employment opportunities in the organisation, create opportunities for partners and suppliers and contribute to society as a whole.