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Lightspeed modernizes data buying approach, platform and management

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Cint selected as technology platform to manage panels and programmatic exchange


Warren, NJ (March 19, 2018) – Lightspeed, a division of WPP’s data investment management group Kantar, is modernizing how it buys and manages data to make it easier for clients to flexibly choose from a wider variety of quality data sources based on timing and pricing needs. This includes how Lightspeed interacts with sourcing partners, the underlying technology, as well as its executive management.

The modernization program includes the following changes:

  • New major licensing partnership with Cint: Cint, the world’s Insight Exchange, will become Lightspeed’s primary platform for real-time feasibility, pricing and supply chain management of proprietary and third-party profile sources. Cint’s sample procurement tool Access Pro will be used by Lightspeed to add operational efficiency and speed-to-market in managing projects with a single automated process and will replace Lightspeed’s existing technology platform. In addition, Lightspeed will leverage Cint Engage to manage its proprietary double-opt-in (DOI) panels and blend usage with the programmatic marketplace when appropriate. Lastly, Lightspeed will also leverage Cint’s Private Network capabilities to on board and consolidate some of the existing sources in direct private-pricing deals.
  • New Chief Data Officer: Marc Ryan has been appointed Lightspeed’s Chief Data Officer. This is a newly created position to oversee platform strategy and engineering resources and expand utilization of survey and non-survey data. Mr. Ryan joins from Kantar Millward Brown, where he helped architect the Ignite Network. He will oversee the platform roadmap for Lightspeed that includes programmatic, DOI, mobile, ID management, and data acquisition.

“Clients want to find truth through data, but increasing pressures on time and budget mean they also need faster, more flexible and cost-effective options for their insights projects,” said Caroline Frankum, Global Chief Executive Officer of Lightspeed. “This shift allows us to alleviate these pressures by removing some of the complexities involved in effectively exploring, cross-referencing and validating key sources in today’s data landscape.”

The new arrangement will also help clients ‘know more by asking’ less through the enablement of a wider set of data to be appended to insights projects, such as ad effectiveness work that have been in use by Kantar Millward Brown which will now be expanded through this partnership. This announcement follows Lightspeed’s previous announcement regarding the launch of the Gravity Network in August 2017. Gravity Network increased the reach of programmatic options globally.

“Cint’s partnership with Lightspeed is transformational and we are delighted they have chosen to license our best-in-class platform to help them deliver on their strategic vision and data strategy goals,” said Tom Buehlmann, Chief Executive Officer of Cint. “Cint’s platform and solutions will be seamlessly implemented into Lightspeed’s ways of working and increase automation and efficiency. We see great potential for this partnership and are excited for what the future holds.”


About Lightspeed

Lightspeed is a leading digital data collection specialist on a mission to help clients discover truth through data. Our 700 employees in 14 countries are passionate about boldly challenging the status quo to find faster, more creative ways of connecting brands and consumers to build richer profiles of millions of people across the globe. From modernizing surveys via our programmatic Gravity Network and LifePoints mobile app, to amplifying the voice of the millennial through VICE Voices, or leveraging our first party panel relationships and uniquely patented Honesty Detector Service to find the quality in the quantity of data out there, we are delivering the ‘buy and why’ insights that power today’s marketing decisions. Headquartered in Warren, NJ, Lightspeed is part of Kantar, one of the world’s leading data, insight and consultancy companies. www.lightspeedresearch.com

Cint Brings Artificial Intelligence to Market Research Sampling with Launch of New Automatic Sample Delivery

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Access Pro by Cint further increases its users’ efficiency and speed


SAN FRANCISCO – Jan 8, 2018Cint, the world’s Insight Exchange, today announced that it has launched an AI-based automatic sample delivery.

Cint’s new delivery function is now available to all users of Access Pro, its industry leading sample procurement tool. Unlike other solutions, Cint’s automatic sample delivery spans across all types of panel sources, including hosted double-opt-in, single-opt-in, API-connected and real-time sampling traffic. By using its proprietary AI-based technology, the system samples automatically on an individual panelist basis and will field needed interviews within the required time periods.

Users of Access Pro will experience simplicity through sampling automation. By simply defining targeted audiences, Cint’s AI-based sampling technology will collect the completed number of interviews within the defined field period of the study.

By using machine learning to continuously teach Access Pro about individual response rates on panelists connected to the Insights Exchange, Access Pro can now create recommendations on sample sizes needed for individual quota cells. Then it can take action on sampling, evaluating actual response rates and base new decisions on new data and continue to fill quotas to simplify the life of the user. Users will, as before, be able to control what panel sources they want to engage with and will have full control of targeting, quota settings and Cint’s routing technology, Cint Optimizer.

Organizations using Access Pro by Cint will increase its client service by spending less time on fieldwork activities and more time on tasks that are creating true client value. In simple terms, organizations will improve efficiency and increase speed to complete client sample projects.

“We remain focused on developing our platform to service the market research industry by combining industry expertise with cutting edge technology, software development and our world class engineers,” said Oscar Carlsson, Chief Innovation Officer at Cint. “The underlying technology of Access Pro is state of the art and uses proprietary AI technology to define when and how many respondents to invite to certain studies given the fielding requirements. We continue to have the user in focus when we evolve Access Pro to ensure they can master the tool quickly and be efficient in the ongoing work.”

The AI market is growing dramatically and more businesses are beginning to adopt these technologies. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020 almost every new software product will incorporate AI. This is vital for the continued growth and evolution of business, especially in the market research industry. With this addition to its technology, Cint is at the forefront of martech’s movement toward AI.

Join Cint’s webinar on Thursday, January 18 to learn more about how the company is using Artificial Intelligence to make fieldwork more efficient while drastically reducing sample waste. Register here.


Cint and Data Republic Announce Global Partnership to Gain Deeper Insights and Personalization

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Cint joins the Data Republic ecosystem to provide access to audience of 40 million


Cint, the world’s Insight Exchange, today announced a global strategic partnership with Data Republic, Australia’s leading secure data exchange and analytics platform. This partnership gives Cint and Data Republic marketplace users the opportunity to gain even deeper understanding of their customers to bring a new level of insights and personalization.

“The partnership builds on a number of synergies between Cint and Data Republic,” said James Rogers, EVP of APAC, Cint. “We are both in a growth phase and are focused on enabling clients to share data in a highly secure and transparent online environment. Data Republic’s secure analytics platform and Cint’s self-declared data will greatly increase insight depth for all customers. We look forward to working with Data Republic and partnering with them globally to roll out both platforms.”

This global relationship will give Data Republic participants access to Cint’s full audience of more than 40 million consumers in 100 countries. Cint’s data and audience set brings a rich layer of qualitative and quantitative information that can be used across many industries, including its specialized segments in the finance, automoative and healthcare (consumer) spaces. Through this partnership, Data Republic users will be able to incorporate multiple sources of data to better understand their customers and gather actionable insights. Via Data Republic’s secure platform, companies are able to fuse together a wide range of datasets to look beyond just their own customer interactions.

“We are excited to have Cint’s rich customer insights in the Data Republic ecosystem,” said Steve Millward, Chief Analytics Officer, Data Republic. “Cint brings views on so many dimensions of consumer behavior, and we see enormous opportunities for our participants to use this in their personalistaion and customer insights activities. When it comes to insights, companies usually have to choose between rich insights on a small sample of customers, or a less insightful understanding of an entire customer base. Bringing Cint into our ecosystem means that companies no longer have to make that trade-off and can gain a deeper understanding of their customers.”

Steve Prestidge, Chief Revenue Officer for Data Republic in Los Angeles added “We have enormous interest in North America and Asia for data exchange, and Cint is a crucial partner as we work together in those new markets. Most companies are now realizing the power of data exchange, and Cint provides a unique view of the consumer.”


About Data Republic

Data Republic is a data exchange technology platform and marketplace where organizations can list, exchange and collaborate on data projects in a secure environment. Exchanges are conducted on The Open Data Marketplace, a central governance platform and secure marketplace for Data Republic’s Contributors and users to discover, request and effectively govern data exchange projects with authorized parties. No customer personal information (PII) is available on the platform and all exchanges are strictly governed on legal and ethical bases and subject to Data Republic’s Legal Participation Agreement. Find out more about Data Republic here: https://www.datarepublic.com


Cint Celebrates Global Momentum; Key Position Appointments

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Four key appointments to solidify Cint globally, strengthen its Silicon Valley footprint and further establish the company in EMEA and APAC


Cint, the world’s Insight Exchange, today announced four key appointments, including a chief operations officer, chief innovation officer and raising two regional executive vice presidents onto the Cint leadership team. This momentum further establishes Cint as an international company with strong strategies in the Americas, APAC and EMEA.

Richard Thornton, current Deputy CEO, will now add the responsibility of Chief Operations Officer, a newly created role, to this remit. With Cint’s international push, Thornton remains vital in designing upcoming initiatives, implementing all business operations and ensuring each region works toward the same unified strategy – to support the growing demand for first-party consumer data around the world.  The new role sees Thornton move back to London having spent the last year in San Francisco and an early priority is to accelerate Cint’s growing enterprise software licensing business.

“Richard, one of the most skilled and respected names in our industry, will help the regions coordinate and serve our global customer base even better than we do today,” said Morten Strand, CEO, Cint. “Strengthening a fast-growing company with an increasingly global user base will be key to pushing our business to new levels. I know no one better than Richard to drive, motivate and share skills across our three, well managed regions.”


Celebrates company-wide innovation

Oscar Carlsson has been appointed to Chief Innovation Officer and will relocate to San Francisco. Cint recognizes the vital need for continued innovation, both at a company and industry level. With this newly created position, Carlsson will help Cint formalize and encourage ongoing innovation, something that is a part of the company’s DNA, but is increasingly important to drive change and transformation in the industry and stay ahead of its competition. In Silicon Valley, Carlsson will help Cint to continue to bring its clients on a digital transformation journey in a collaborative way by finding new innovative partners and products that will continue to grow its clients business.

“Oscar not only generates new ideas, but he also recognizes innovation in others,” said Strand. “With Oscar’s incredible knowledge of Cint, our technology, people and our existing and future client needs, we could not have found a better person to take the relay baton from Richard and bring it into a successful future.”


 Solidifies regional management

Joining Cint’s management team and Jake Wolff, the regional executive vice president of the Americas, are Cint’s other two regional EVPs: Greg Dunbar whom lead the company’s EMEA presence and James Rogers in APAC. This move solidifies Cint’s global growth strategy and gives the three regions a direct voice in the setting and future direction for the business, transitioning it further as a true international company.

This ongoing momentum comes in the wake of Cint’s recent milestone regarding its ever-growing network of contactable consumers from its platform, having reached 40 million people globally, up from 19 million just six months ago. While many programmatic solutions help companies understand the “what” and “where” of a target audience, Cint’s self-declared data can help with the “who” and the “why” to create more meaningful engaging sponsored experiences. To learn more, visit: https://www.cint.com/how-cint-works/.


Cint Establishes Chicago Presence with New Office and Key Hire

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Cint appoints new SVP and opens sixth U.S. office to meet growing demand for first-party consumer data and insights

Cint, the world’s Insights Exchange, today announced its expansion to the Chicago market with its sixth U.S. office and the addition of Joseph Jordan, formerly with Survey Sampling International (SSI), as the company’s new SVP of Supply. With key customers in the Midwest and Canada, Chicago is a natural progression to support the growing demand for first-party consumer data around the country.

“We are excited to open our third US location in less than 2 years’ time. Meeting our massive growth with world class customer service is a pillar of our business and that means being close to our customers,” said Jake Wolff, EVP of the Americas, Cint. “We have a booming business in the Midwest and the beginnings of big movements in Canada. This office will allow us to service those clients with a local touch.”

Located in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago, Cint will be holding its grand opening in the coming weeks and is eager to introduce the company to the area. As Cint’s regional presence continues to expand, the company will look to scale both its employee numbers and establish its local partnerships.

Joseph Jordan, Cint’s new SVP of Supply, will be tasked with leading the company’s supply business from sales and onboarding to partner success. He has dedicated his career to market research technology, including both quantitative and qualitative services for B2C and B2B clients. His passion has been to deliver strategic insight on global marketing trends and consumer interaction with products and brands.

“On behalf of our publisher network, the Cint Insights Exchange created more than 100 million self-declared profiling points last year. This depth of audience knowledge can transform a publisher’s business,” said Wolff. “We are thrilled Joe will be the person bringing this power to the market in Chicago and the U.S.”

Jordan has been developing new research technologies, marketing strategies and revenue opportunities in a variety of industries and startups for more than 20 years. He was most recently part of the leadership team at Instantly/SSI as the VP of Panel Operations, guiding their mobile and online communities and driving the initiatives of quality, innovation, engagement and data privacy.

This ongoing momentum comes in the wake of Cint’s recent milestone regarding its ever-growing network of contactable consumers from its platform, having reached 40 million people globally, up from 19 million just six months ago.

While a lot of programmatic solutions help companies understand the “what” and “where” of a target audience, Cint’s self-declared data can help with the “who” and the “why” to create more meaningful engaging sponsored experiences.


Ukraine Bans Russian Websites

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On 28 April 2017, Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s president, signed a decree banning the internet group Mail.ru and its social networks VK and Odnoklassniki, as well as search group Yandex. All four are in the top-10 most popular websites in Ukraine.

The order is part of sanctions imposed by the Ukraine on Russia. Many in the media community oppose the decree, seeing it as attack on the freedom of expression. Groups like Human Rights watch have come out against the ban:


The ban is an issue for online research in the Ukraine as many Internet users there use email providers located in Russia. This may also impact research providers that host surveys in Russia (with research participants in the Ukraine).

However, at present, it’s not clear how the Ukrainian government is going to enforce the ban. Ukraine does not have laws, regulations and technology in place that would allow such a ban (which potentially means that many research participants actually may not be impacted, at least initially).

Cint is closely monitoring the situation and will take appropriate measures to ensure panel supply and accurate feasibility.

For more information, please contact Cint’s Senior Consultant: Peter Millapeter.milla@cint.com

Lotame Partners with Cint to Build Custom Insights Communities

Lotame Partners with Cint to Build Custom Insights Communities

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Through partnership, clients can seamlessly add first-party panel data into data management platform

Lotame, the leading independent data management platform (DMP), as well as the most trusted and comprehensive data exchange, today announced a strategic partnership with insights exchange platform Cint. The partnership empowers publishers and advertisers to create custom research panels for extended audience insights and additional revenue streams.

Lotame clients will be able use Cint’s technology to create panels of site visitors to conduct tailored research, directly accessible in the DMP for highly customized audience creation and data activation.

“Building on our research foundation of quality data sets combined with best in class technology and global reach, we are excited to partner with Lotame to assist with facilitating and powering more actionable, real-time research at scale,” said Morten Stand, CEO, Cint. “As we connect our technology’s capabilities, we are bringing big data together with deep, rich, self-declared data to make unique profiles more actionable. Through this integration, we will be providing a compelling, enriched offering for media buyers and publishers around audience insights, discovery and activation.”

Publishers invite their site visitors to register with Cint, who then become panelists that are included in a pool that is sold programmatically to market researchers. For every survey completed by a panelist, the panelist is compensated, and the publisher who drove that panelist’s registration also receives a share of revenue. Cint also collects additional demographic data on their panelists at registration, which is anonymized and fed back into the Lotame DMP, giving publishers both increased revenue per unique visitor but also increased demographic reporting on those visitors.

“Lotame is committed to bringing our clients actionable data. This partnership combines our data expertise with Cint’s rich, first-party profile data that can be immediately leveraged,” said Laura Lewellyn, Senior Director of Market Innovation, Lotame. “Our client base will be able to drive deeper insights based on visitors’ responses and increase monetization from their readership.”

Cint hosts 40 million registered consumer panelists worldwide, compliant with all market research industry standards, local data privacy laws and is ISO certified.


Cint Expands Global Leadership and APAC Operations

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Cint, the world’s Insights Exchange, today announced an expanded global leadership team and a new Hong Kong office to support the growing demand for first-party consumer data around the world.

The senior talent will support the company in its next phase of growth within the US, EMEA and APAC regions and continue Cint’s progress towards its goal of having 100 million contactable consumers in its database by 2018.

New hires include: Leandro Margulis, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, in San Francisco; Ronald Leung, APAC Regional Vice President of Supply, Heather Hughes, APAC Regional Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances, in Hong Kong; and Diana Dalsgaard-Johansen, EMEA Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances, in London.

“We are thrilled to welcome Leandro, Ronald, Heather and Diana to our Cint family to further our strong momentum, including unveiling our newest office in Hong Kong,” Morten Strand, CEO, Cint. “It’s people like these who make it possible for Cint to continually to deliver the strongest, compliant and most relevant first-party consumer insights, as well as the data that serves as the new currency for advertisers, publishers and marketers.”

Margulis joins senior leadership in San Francisco to strengthen Cint’s US footprint

A recognized mobile industry thought leader, Margulis brings a decade of technology and entrepreneurial experience to Cint. Joining the growing San Francisco office, he is responsible for driving new business initiatives and helping publishers and partners within the MarTech and AdTech ecosystems better understand the value of self-declared first-party data.

Before joining Cint, Margulis served as CEO and founder of SearchNwork Inc., and previously held positions with Quixey, Impulsa Business accelerator, and Deloitte Consulting. He holds numerous patents including a process to improve search results, drawing on his experience at tech/RFID start-ups. He is a Florida International University alum and holds an MBA in Strategy & Business Development from Yale’s School of Management.

Leung and Hughes round out APAC leadership team as Cint unveils Hong Kong office

Fortifying Cint’s APAC partnership and management experience, Leung brings 12 years’ experience, most recently serving as VP of Channels and Strategic Alliances at APSIS Asia Limited. He will focus on identifying and growing Cint’s strategic supply partnerships in the region. This includes forging new channel partners with non-market research partners such as publishers, telecom service providers, e-commerce, mobile and social partners.

Hughes joins Leung, with 6 years’ experience in APAC partner management having served as former global business development director of Beyond Media Global, Ltd. She is responsible for growing Cint’s Data Partnerships & Alliances and creating new partnerships around its data licensing, data and technology.

Both are based in Cint’s new Hong Kong office supporting the Global Supply and Partnership & Alliances teams to drive global support and momentum.

“Having Heather and Ronald aboard demonstrates Cint’s global and localized focus on driving our objectives to be both an audience supply leader and go to programmatic solution in the APAC region,” said James Rogers, EVP APAC.

Dalsgaard-Johansen fuels Cint EMEA momentum from London

Deepening Cint’s international experience in AdTech, Dalsgaard-Johansen brings over 10 years’ experience in strategy and management with agency, publisher and marketing providers from diverse markets including the Nordics, the UK, Italy and Emerging Markets. Most recently, she served as director of EMEA partner solutions at MediaMath.

Diana’s immediate remit is to drive technology, data and consultancy partnerships to extend Cint’s capabilities and build innovative holistic solutions to further power Cint’s existing customer base. In line for increased demand for mobile and cross-device measurement, location and proximity solutions, and the ability to gather insights in real-time throughout the customer journey, Diana will work closely with Cint’s technical and product team, and selected partners to help our customers bring new capabilities to market.

This ongoing momentum comes in the wake of Cint’s recent milestone regarding its ever-growing network of contactable consumers from its platform, having reached 40 million people globally, up from 19 million just six months ago.

While a lot of programmatic solutions help companies understand the “what” and “where” of a target audience, Cint’s self-declared data can help with the “who” and the “why” to create more meaningful engaging sponsored experiences. To learn more, visit: https://www.cint.com/how-cint-works/


Cint Accelerates Customer Success

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New initiative strengthens customer service and drives client growth

Written by Jake Wolff, Greg Dunbar and James Rogers


Customers thrive with consistency

Already proven a powerful and effective strategy, the US has been overwhelmed with the success since the transition. There has been an immediate uptick in positive responses and requests from clients now benefiting from a dedicated Customer Success Executive. These team members operate with more speed and efficiency, start on-site with clients during the implementation phase to understand nuances of a client’s workflow, and are more in-tune with a client’s unique business needs and preferences.

Customer Success Execs are an extension of the client’s team. As a result, clients are experiencing higher conversion rates, shorter field times and projects that are more profitable for the client.


Comprehensive tools and support move client business forward

By helping clients understand when and why they may benefit from a more comprehensive platform like AccessPro, Cint can help businesses accelerate their own growth and global footprint. We provide tools and technology to help current and perspective clients embrace our self-service SaaS tools to manage their own work, which offers clients greater control, transparency and flexibility.

Customer Success will help businesses, agencies and publishers benefit from our platform, understand how best to maximize the platform’s SaaS and APIs – and apply and integrate other market research technologies into our API – to drive greater opportunities, efficiencies and growth potential.

 “Cint helps businesses better connect and understand real people, so they can improve their offerings and continue to grow and thrive,” said Morten Strand, CEO, Cint. “Our organizational realignment with Customer Success reflects Cint’s commitment to delivering real and personal  insights and support, not just in our product but with our customer support.”


Evolving with the customer needs at the heart of our business

An additional benefit of our Customer Success initiative is that the new sales team will have more capacity to focus on pure new business opportunities and are better positioned to support the Customer Success Team.

These opportunities include educating clients on the value of ConnectCint’s own Ad effectiveness technology allowing our customers to track, segment and re-contact programmatically, identifying and supporting new market or vertical needs within existing clients, or unlocking supply or Partnership and Alliances opportunities creating new relationships directly within defined ‘Partnership Framework’ around Data Licensing, Data partnerships and Technology.

These solutions and strategies, including Customer Success, are in line with Cint’s Xpand strategy – a company-wide initiative designed with the client at its core – to continually improve customer support and acquisition methodologies, and client growth potential. This momentum reflects how Cint is working better together, and together with clients, to achieve new milestones.


Cint Appoints Johanna Isander as Chief Human Resources Officer

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Johanna Isander Cint managementFormer Nasdaq director supports global momentum for world’s leading Insights Exchange.

Cint, the world’s Insights Exchange, today announced the appointment of Johanna Isander as Chief Human Resource Officer to support the company’s strong global growth and talent management initiatives.

In this newly created executive role, Isander will have a global remit. She will be responsible for building a performance and people management program, establishing a formal learning and development curriculum, and updating the benefits for Cint’s more than a dozen offices around the world.

As the demand for rich, self-declared, first-party data to improve customer engagement and marketing initiatives continues to grow, Isander will support Cint’s evolving international talent needs while based in Stockholm, Sweden. In the US, teams are growing in San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago, and this momentum comes on the heels of the recent appointment of former Yume and Yahoo! executive Cint Vice President of Partner Solutions Michael Teng.

“Johanna is the entrepreneurial and driven HR Manager we have been searching for. She is set to build an HR department more or less from the ground up and it will be an integral part of Cint’s growth,” said Morten Strand, CEO, Cint. “The HR department will support the organization on a global level with HR strategies and processes such as employee attraction, retention, development, compensation and benefits to help ensure we continue to develop in the desired direction and reach the targets our company has set”.

Most recently, Isander served as senior director of HR for Nasdaq, and previously worked at SunGard and UniCredit. She is a graduate of Lund University and brings to Cint more than 8 years’ of experience in international talent management.

For career opportunities with Cint, or to learn more about its Insights Exchange technology and how a business can instantly access and benefit from insights from more than 40 million registered consumers, check out: www.cint.com.

Notes from the Valley blog by Cint

Notes from the Valley …

By | Blog

Cint’s Richard Thornton reflects on his move to San Francisco and his efforts to start up Cint’s expanding offerings into AdTech and MarTech.

Written by:

First impressions

The first time I came to San Francisco was back in 2010 when we were doing what the Americans term as “the dog & pony show”, with the VC community trying to raise funds in a Series B round of investment. Little did I know then that San Francisco would become home and my place of work. But here I am…and I have to say it’s been a very enriching experience so far.

New city, new role, new value proposition into new verticals. Obviously all very low risk. Good job I like a challenge, have an understanding wife and kids young enough to not be scarred for life from having been pulled away in their formative years from their best friends, thinking the world is about to end.

The truth is there was more than an element of selfish indulgence when the opportunity presented itself to up sticks and go on a secondment to San Francisco. I always find travel and experiencing new cities and cultures fascinating. I’ve been fortunate enough during my lifetime to get the opportunity to see a lot of the world through both private and professional travel. Admittedly the US to an Englishman is hardly pushing the boundaries of comfort zones, but despite the obvious common ground and close ties the two countries share, there is a bigger adjustment than one would think when it comes to making the successful transition across the pond, especially in a professional capacity.

Pace of work in the US

Take the pace of work for example. Faster and more intense in some ways with a real sense of purpose and urgency, but in other ways much more relaxed (the workaholic in me took some time to adjust to Fridays over here, for example, where I think it’s fair to say the general approach is to a) work from home and b) wind down into the weekend starting at approximately 12 midday).

The other major difference is in how Americans have an amazing way of selling themselves. Everyone you meet here is a salesman or woman (in addition to being a tech entrepreneur, so San Francisco’s answer to LA’s “My first job is an actor” scenario) in one way or another. And I admire that. I think it breeds a half glass full attitude and generally a positive approach in all aspects of life here, not least business. This bravado might not be everyone’s cup of tea as we say back in Blighty, but it works here in the Valley, and is an important trait to have to stay relevant and get noticed in the crowd of noise.

The country that is proud to be “the land of opportunity” is certainly just that, with the important caveat that you either need access to funds, a genius idea or to come from money. And even then, ticking the box on one, two or all three doesn’t guarantee you anything.

Global tech scene

As was the case seven years ago, the global tech scene continues to be led by innovation and the inspiring combination of heavyweight technology giants and aspiring, often explosive, start-ups. And the scene shows no sign of slowing down. The pace of change and disruption here is done at breakneck speed and time waits for no man (or women) when it comes to trying to unearth the next AirBnB, Tesla or Uber.

And if there is one thing that’s very evident over here it’s don’t be scared to fail. But critically, ensure you learn quickly. So the ‘fail fast’ mantra is widely embraced and appears to run through the culture here in the valley.

At the same time, you do get a sense that an awful lot of businesses are not making money – even relatively mature start-ups or those who are beyond that point in their life-cycle. It’s almost a badge of honor over here if you don’t make money, so when people hear that I work for a company that that is both growing rapidly AND profitable it raises a few eyebrows.

Human connections

Networking is taken to another level here too. People here are genuinely happy to open up their address book, certainly more than from my own experiences of having worked extensively across Europe and Asia. To some extent it is a status thing, kind of like what you tend to see on social-orientated platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook where people almost collect ‘connections’ or ‘likes’, and you create this element of your own social status being defined by how popular (or networked) you are.

In a business sense when you’re building from ground up, running a start-up, which is effectively what I’m tasked to do for Cint (albeit in our case with the luxury of a having a much larger, very healthy core business to support it and lean on), this thriving networking environment is of course a huge bonus. It helps accelerate introductions and opens doors, making it possible to move through early stages of developing business and relations at pace.

And that has certainly been the case during my first few months as I’ve been busy beavering away setting up an office, hiring the initial team to lead our BD efforts, but equally kick-starting potential partnership discussions and focusing on breaking into the AdTech and MarTech verticals. Thankfully my first forays have yielded some quick wins and the beginnings of potential valuable longer-term partnerships, which always help.


But it’s not been without its challenges, the greatest of which is without a doubt securing talent. Notice that I didn’t say finding talent. That part is reasonably easy in comparison to then actually landing your preferred candidates, especially if you’re a non-US headquartered company that doesn’t have a presence yet in the Valley. The fact we are a technology company hiring for business development and technical roles automatically means we are fishing in the same pools as almost every other technology company on the west coast. With that comes pressure: pressure to sell yourself, sell your business, demonstrate genuine innovation and uniqueness, and much more. You must have a clear vision and mission. You must pay well. You must have the right culture. But then because you’re an outsider, in some regards you need to oversell to stay relevant.

However, having the history that we do and the company being from a country with a global reputation for creating scalable, successful tech businesses, I saw this as an opportunity to really tell a story and create excitement about all the great things being an international company with a rich and diverse culture in our DNA brings. When America talks about the “land of opportunity”, Cint can talk about the “company of opportunity”. That appears to have resonated well with talented, curious and ambitious people in San Francisco who like the fact we’re still fairly small, agile, a disruptor, passionate, and genuinely do something that is quite niche and unique.

Cint’s promising stance

It helps of course if you have a real story to tell, and I would like to think we do. Timing is everything and I believe Cint’s value proposition and business model is more relevant now than ever before. And if you were paying attention earlier, you will have noticed that the three companies I name-checked all have one thing in common: they are all platforms. The last time I checked, so are we. More than that, in AirBnB and Uber, they are platforms built around the ‘shared economy’ concept of taking assets on one hand (supply) and making them available on the other to buyers (demand side). What AirBnB does with bricks & mortar or Uber does with transport, we do with consumers. I’m not for one minute suggesting we do it at the same scale or to the same level of disruption, but everything is relevant. When we are trying to attract the right talent and ensure they join the Cint family, and not any one of the hundreds of technology companies competing here for the best minds and most impactful sales and BD people, I would like to think in our own small way we have the potential to make our mark on the insights industry just like these unicorns in theirs.

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