Cint Access is a self-service targeting solution for sample buyers and researchers.

Increase efficiency and reach complex demographics in multiple locales with ease.


How does it work?

Access gives you full control over the online sampling process. Create multiple target groups, run feasibility and get an overview of costs in seconds.

Because Access was designed with the researcher in mind, every feature is crafted to ensure your research is conducted in the most efficient way. Our clients have experienced a time-saving average of 371 minutes per project!

Whether you’re launching an in-depth study with twenty-five target groups or just one, Cint Access provides the exact level of detail you need. Let us show you how much time and money can be saved by tapping into Cint Access.

Market research tools

To complete a project in Cint Access, you will need to first build a survey. 

From there, simply choose the targeting you need and drop your survey link into Cint Access. Cint does not own panels, so the answers you receive are from people affiliated with local publishers, non-profits, media outlets, local and global Market Research firms and more. Increased brand affinity for them, and more access in hard-to-reach markets for you.

With Cint Access, you’ll get:

  • Huge time savings
  • Superior targeting capability
  • Affordable prices
  • Simple, easy-to-use technology
  • Confidence that you’re getting real opinions from real people

Get the best insight with our market research tools, right now.

Who can you reach?

Reach targeted, double opted-in audiences from 10 million people in 60 countries.
Panels hosted on our platform range from general consumer to niche audiences, allowing you to target anyone, for example:
healthcare and legal professionals, business decision-makers, marketers, gamers, DINKs, students, mothers-of-babies, parents, teachers, frequent travelers, car owners, smokers and more.

Our self-service targeting features make getting insight from specialty groups simple.

Check out the Panel Book to see the full extent of our reach.


  • Feasibility calculation
  • Price checks
  • Basic & advanced targeting
  • Target Group Distribution
  • Multiple target groups per project
  • Exclude previous respondents
  • Census representative sample
  • Panel selection
  • 24/7 access
  • Automated project management
  • 98% survey tool compatibility
  • As-you-go fieldwork overview
  • Save and load project drafts

Connect to our platform through an API

Get access to our platform and pool of respondents through our API solution.


Find out how Cint Access can help you: