New opportunity, "Digital Trends F+”: Helping Facebook understand and shape online advertising effectiveness

Data Categories and Data Sent to Facebook by GfK

This data is used to establish a match between GfK's research participants and Facebook users. Once a match is made, Facebook sends advertising exposure information to GfK for research purposes for the measurement of the effectiveness of those advertisements.

Please see below for information about the data categories that GfK collects from you or obtains from its partner Cint and uses as matching criteria with Facebook and the information regarding your exposure to advertisements that we collect from Facebook.

The personal data that GfK collects from you or obtains via its partner Cint for the purpose of data matching includes:

  • Digital Trends F+ Participant ID, which is reassigned regularly
  • Encrypted Mobile advertising ID
  • Your encrypted email address
  • A Facebook encrypted identifier on behalf of you for linking your data you Facebook account information
  • Encrypted first, last name, and date of birth
  • Encrypted mobile telephone number

Data sent to GfK by Facebook regarding advertising exposure on Facebook:

  • Number of advertising contacts
  • Number of “clicks” on an advertisement
  • Day of advertising contact
  • Client (“brand”) and advertising campaign
  • Advertising format (e.g. banner or video)
  • Type of device on which the advertising contact took place

With the help of this data, GfK evaluates and analyzes advertising campaigns on Facebook and produces research data on an aggregated level. No data about you, individually, is evaluated; that data that is combined with that of other participants.