Programming & Hosting and Data Processing

Did you know that Cint provides services beyond survey sampling? In fact, it may be the perfect addition to your sampling projects – and our Cint Services are available to all Marketplace customers.

Programming and Hosting Services

Programming your survey is both art and science. You want your survey respondents to have the best experience possible. Cint’s team has the know-how and experience to ensure your survey is programmed with the most effective logic.

Programming tools can be expensive. So, why spend the money when you can take advantage of the licenses that Cint already has? Cint uses industry-standard tools with a mastery of the survey process to ensure your survey is programmed accurately the first time.

Cint can program surveys at ALL complexity levels. From simple flows to complex logic and questions, custom setups, max-diff, conjoints, heat maps/hot spots, and more.

With every programming engagement,
Cint provides you with:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Clarification Log to easily track and update changes to the survey
  • Reliable turnaround times and proactive communication
  • Quota setup and consultation
  • 3 rounds of Quality Assurance Checks
  • Manual Script Check before launch
  • Simulated data for pre-launch data check
  • Soft launch data check
  • Up to 3 rounds of data scrubbing

Data Processing Services

The survey results are in. And, unless you are a large organization with a stable of data processors at your disposal, getting survey data structured and organized is complicated.

Let Cint help. Our data processing team will organize the survey results so that you can get to your analysis quickly and efficiently.

After the data is processed, you need the best quality data from your survey. Cint will ensure that your data is usable. Free from gibberish, profanity, illogical or nonsensical data that gets through our QC measures. Cint will ensure any unusable data is removed. You receive a clean file to gain the insights you need, quickly and accurately.

Crosstabs, also known as data tables, tabs, or tables, are matrix tables that display the multivariate frequency distribution between the variables.

Data Processing
Data Processing includes organizing, re-coding, and reducing the amount of data to prepare for analysis and reporting.

Data Weighting
Data weighting is used to ensure that survey results are representative of a particular population as needed.

Advanced Data Cleaning
Advanced data cleaning is included in standard programming. Cleans straightliners, speeders, gibberish as well as nonsensical answers.

Open End Coding
Open End Coding is the process of quantifying open-ended (qualitative) data collected in a survey. Coding involves grouping the open-ended responses into similar categories and assigning a numeric value to each.

Cint gives you access to accurate, clean data so you can get insights fast.

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