Why Cint

We believe access to opinions can change the world. Our vision is to create the universal platform for surfacing human insights.

  • Global Scale & Speed: Access to one of the largest global supply networks to produce the responses you need, when you need them 
  • Innovative & Flexible Technology: Grow and expand your business with a robust portfolio of products and services that allow you to do it yourself or work with experts to do it for you  
  • Customer Service: Succeed from day one with the help of a world-class, hands-on, service team available 24/7  

Fast Consumer Insights  

Cint’s leading digital survey platform provides a comprehensive array of research tools to automate the insights-gathering process and quickly find out what consumers are thinking. 

Now more than ever, agile brands and market researchers are relying on Cint to access survey data, measure ad performance, and optimize respondent engagement.

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Programmatic Exchange 

Run your entire research and sample management operation with power, speed, and scale on one powerful and comprehensive DIY software platform.

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Advertising & Media Campaign Measurement

Know if your campaign had the intended impact. Measure ad effectiveness, brand lift, and more with Cint.

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Audience Monetization

Do you own an online app, represent an affinity organization, or manage a digital community? Engage your users and create a new revenue stream by connecting with brands and agencies who want to survey your audience.

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Rather than working manually with multiple sample vendors and disparate survey tools, accelerate time-to-value (ROI) by powering your tech-stack with our feature-rich APIs that are used at massive scale by some of the world’s largest research businesses.

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Data Solutions

To make data-driven business decisions, accurate and curated data is crucial. That’s why Cint provides a suite of fully consented and unaltered data options that allow you to leverage your own first-party data, our proprietary panelist data, or our external partners’ data to strengthen your market research initiatives. Access rich datasets, perform more accurate survey targeting, and gain comprehensive research insights. License audience data built from respondent profiles and attributes gathered in our programmatic exchange or leverage Cint’s partnerships with external data providers who offer rich behavioral datasets.

Our flexible business model lets clients choose self-service, full or partial managed services, or direct API integration with over 4,600 survey panels.


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